I have never really measured how long I have lasted in bed at any given time over the years.

But from the top of my head I can estimate that;

There are times I have gone as long as 45 minutes, other times 5-10 minutes.

But really, “How Long Does The Average Man Last in Bed?”

According to various studies and surveys conducted over the years, the average man can last between 5-30 minutes in bed based on different factors to be considered which will look at

How long does the average man last during sex

To answer this question we are going to be looking at

Let’s dive in

5 Factors that Affect How Long the Average Man Lasts in Bed

Different factors can affect how long you can last in bed, let’s look at some of them

1. Your personal sexual preference, do you like it long and sexual or perhaps you like it fast and aggressive?

2. Age, you can’t beat nature, the older you get the more difficult some things become. Getting aroused and maintaining erections will definitely affect how long you last.

3. Sexual disorders, some men suffer from premature ejaculation which makes them finish much faster than expected.

While some men suffer from delayed ejaculation which takes them much longer to ejaculate if at all they can.

4. What do you count as sex? Oral, vaginal, anal, etc. All this contributes to how long sex lasts.

5. Your sexual goals and practices, do you always strive for your partner to orgasm also, or its always just about you?

Making a woman orgasm usually takes a little longer

These are some common factors that can affect how long sex can last

Next, let us look at a table of studies and survey

Different Studies and Survey Comparison


Duration of Sex

2005 Multinational Population Survey

0.55-44.1 mins

2008 Canadian & American Sex Therapists

3-13 mins

2010 Survey of Japanese Married Couples

10-14.5 mins

2009 Five-Nation Survey

0.6-53 mins

Next, let’s look at each up close and personal

The 2010 Survey of Japanese Married Couples

japanese married couple survey
by icon8

In this survey, 300 Japanese married couples were sent a questionnaire survey by mail to determine:

The intromission time of the interval from initiation of insertion to just before ejaculation

The results:

For men, the estimated average ejaculation times were 14.5 minutes with a borderline of 10 minutes


Well, Asians have always been average or less in sexual-related issues;

Even down to penis size, Asians have the smallest size compared to other races.

Next, let’s look at the five-nation survey

2009 Five Nation Survey



The Netherlands

5.4 mins


5.7 mins

United Kingdom

10.0 mins


4.4 mins

United States

6.0 mins

The 2009 five-nation survey to assess the distribution of the intravaginal ejaculatory latency Time among:

The general male population started out as a premature ejaculation studies

How did they do it:

They brought together 500 random heterosexual couples from five countries

  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • The UK
  • The US

They asked them to record the time they spent during sex using a timer and diary

The couples were to start the timer immediately after there was vaginal penetration and to stop the timer as soon as the man ejaculated

What a boring chore, but what needs to be done needs to be done

After 4 weeks, the researchers collected all the recordings and asked them different demographic questions

The result:

The average ejaculation time was around 6 minutes and ranged from 0.6 secs to a long session time of 53 minutes

Most men lasted between 4 and 11 minutes and those men who lasted longer than 21 minutes were considered supermen


There’s always the issue of overestimating time spent during sex according to the study the men’s estimates averaged about 1-9 minutes.

About 31% overestimation was over the 6 minutes average which proves our desire to hype our performance in bed.

Next, let’s look at the multinational study

The 2005 Multinational Population Survey

multination survey-min

Similar to the 2009 five-nation survey, 500 couples were recruited from five countries:

The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Turkey, and the US

Men aged 18 and above who had a stable straight-sex relationship for at least 6 months with consistent sex lives

Their objective was to determine the time it took for intravaginal ejaculatory among random men of different countries through a stopwatch

The results:

The average time it took for ejaculation for men in the five countries was 5.4 minutes (within a range of 0.55-44.1 minutes)

By age, the average reduced from 6.5 minutes in the group older than 51 years

Turkey had the lowest time of 3.7 minutes (range 0.9-30.4 minutes). Other countries had an average of 6.7 minutes for circumcised males which lasted longer than 6.0 minutes for uncircumcised males.


The average time of 5.4 minutes with slight differences in other countries was independent of condom usage

Next, let’s travel down to the Americas.

The 2008 Canadian and American Sex Therapists Survey

Sex therapists did this study to find out what is considered as too long or short a time for ejaculation during sex

How did they do it:

The society for sex therapy and research surveyed a random same of members in the United States and Canada

The purpose of this survey was to discover how long sex lasted according to 4 conditions

  1. Adequate
  2. Desirable
  3. Short
  4. Long

The results:


The therapists concluded that sex that lasts 3-13 minutes is normal and healthy with no cause for concern whatsoever.

Finally, let’s look at this question from the women’s point of view

From a Woman’s Point of View

women point of view-min

Due to the fact that gathering good data to determine how long the average man lasts in bed would be difficult based on factors that vary

GQ decided to ask a handful of women and random people how long they will really like sex to last

With a few exceptions, the answer turned out to be 5-10 minutes for vaginal penetration and much longer for foreplay

One woman said she preferred 10-15 minutes of foreplay and 10 minutes of sex, that she was very:

Impatient in bed or perhaps hadn’t found someone worth taking more time for

Another woman said she’d prefer 5-10 minutes if it sounds short plus around 15 minutes of foreplay

Another said, she generally liked sex to last 15-20 minutes with vaginal penetration being maybe a quarter of that time

Interestingly, two women said, they would prefer sex to last an hour, foreplay included

Let’s go to the Social Media

According to a Twitter poll conducted on 2,380 people;

The women about 61% of them preferred actual penetration to last about 5-10 minutes (that’s without foreplay)

26% said they preferred sex to last longer than 11 minutes. Majorly, women didn’t think that longer vaginal sex was better

So it’s best you don’t try gimmicks that will make you last all night long


The best thing to do is to switch things up rather than running a marathon, jackhammer style

Sex is not just penetration, you should also learn how to do foreplay that’s sensual and stimulating.

What’s your own experience, how long have you gone the most for vaginal penetration?

Please share in the comments below.

Dave Matters

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