Lots of good pills out there, but most pills only help you get an erection, they don’t keep the erection going

I had a similar experience using herbs, most of the herbs I used helped me get rock hard erections;

But I wasn’t lasting long enough in bed

Most of these herbs make up the formulas of these male sex pills, so

“What is the best pill to take to last longer in bed?”

Male extra contains natural ingredients that boost and supports continuous blood flow to the penis:

This helps maintain erections that can make you last longer in bed

The best pill to take to last longer in bed is Male Extra
The best pill to take to last longer in bed is Male Extra

You can find out more here, quickly let’s look at

Why Male Extra is worth it

We will review 2 out of the male extra ingredients that makes male extra great for lasting longer during sex

One is a fruit and the other a mushroom

Pomegranate (fruit extract)

Rich in nitrates which contributes to blood vessel nitric oxide balance in the tissues especially tissues with high oxygen demands like the muscles

Pomegranates slowly release blood into your penis which allows you to maintain your erections for longer periods

Unlike L-Arginine which is the most popular nitric oxide health supplement for over a decade;

It is broken down rapidly in the body and requires higher doses for performance

Pomegranate of all the nitric oxide foods or health supplements like L-Arginine, Beetroot, etc is the most effective in supporting blood circulation

What’s more, pomegranate is high in anti oxidants compared to resveratrol and green tea;

This means it will make your body feel younger and energetic

Cordyceps (medicinal mushroom)

Cordyceps has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a sexual health tonic herb because

It supports healthy blood circulation and flows in the penis which is important for rock hard erections that lasts

It is good for overall well-being because it supports the body’s ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production:

This simply means, it boosts energy and stamina levels tremendously

Cordyceps also works as a long tonic to support maximum capacity and oxygen production for better athletic and sexual performance

Like a pomegranate, cordyceps works on nourishing and renewing your tissues to give you deep and unlimited energy levels:

Which will not have an adverse effect on your body later:

Compared to stimulants like caffeine found in drinks like coffee and energy drinks that can help your sexual performance initially, but drops you afterward in a bad state by tasking your body heavily

Pomegranate and cordyceps repairs and build up your energy reserves and does not task your body like the average stimulant

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Why you should choose Male Extra over the others

To last longer during sex, you need a healthy amount of continuous blood flow to your penis.

Aphrodisiacs only give you the initial boost of blood circulation to your penis to give you an erection:

But, they can’t maintain the erection for long if they don’t encourage more blood flow.

Most sex pills contain aphrodisiac herbs that do an excellent job getting you strong hard erections but:

A bad job at keeping the erections

We also have to consider the other factors that won’t allow you to last longer in bed like performance anxiety, Stress, poor diet and lifestyle etc

Male extra is worth it more than other pills because it contains both the aphrodisiac herbs that will give you the initial boost plus:

Other ingredients that will help you maintain the erections

Another reason to consider male extra over other pills is because of its unique and simple but powerful formula that focuses on

  1. Boosting your nitric oxide levels for healthy blood flow to your penis to
  2. Help you get bigger erections quicker and
  3. More energy and stamina levels for better performance

These are the ingredients in male extra that makes me consider it a top pill to help men last longer in bed

  • Pomegranate
  • Corycepys
  • L-Arginine
  • Niacin

Check it out now!

Next, I will explain why this combo rocks for your sexual health

How Male Extra helps you Last Longer

male-extra male enhancement pill

Let’s look at how male extra works to help you last longer during sex

The combination of pomegranate, L-Arginine, and Niacin gives you a triple effect of nitric oxide health which means:

More blood flow than you can handle

L-Arginine gives you the initial surge of blood glow because arganise is broken down quickly in the body

Pomegranate ellagic slowly releases blood flow to your penis to sustain the initial surge of nitric oxide levels from L-Arginine

This helps you maintain your erections for a very long time

Niacin also known as vitamin B3 expands your blood vessels to accommodate more blood flow

This gives you bigger looking erections that last long and supports the function of pomegranate and L-Arginine

What’s more:

In order to truly last longer in bed, you have to be in top shape. Your overall well-being and health are important here.

You can have erections as hard as a rock but;

If you don’t have the energy level to perform the physical activity of penetration, it’s a waste

Having sex takes a bit of effort, especially when it comes to ejaculation, which drains you the most because it’s a life force activity

Creating and releasing the sperm needed to create new life isn’t a joke

For this:

Male extra contains cordyceps, as talked about earlier, it gives you profound energy levels because it nourishes you down to your tissues and cells

If you understand human physiology well, you would know that our bodies are made up of cells

In addition, cordyceps according to Traditional Chinese Medicine research directly affects the part of your brain responsible for controlling sexual desire


Male Extra also contains these two ingredients you should know about

Methylsulfonyl methane (MSM): which is responsible for blood flow, cell and tissue health

MSM is an organic form of sulfur that stimulates the growth of new healthy and flexible cells in your penis:

That allows you to hold more blood in during an erection


A not so popular essential amino acid which helps reduce histamine levels in your body

Histamine has been linked to climax, the higher histamine you have the faster you will ejaculate. Check here to read about how high levels of histamine causes premature ejaculation.

L-Methionine present in male extra will help you reduce your histamine levels of it’s too high and this, in turn, will delay your ejaculation

So male extra could make a difference in your sex life. Check it out.

Have you used any of the herbs or ingredients mentioned here or better still, have you used male extra before

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dave Matters

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