It’s a common question that many guys have: can condoms help them last longer in bed? For some men, premature ejaculation is a real concern that can affect their confidence and intimacy in their sex life.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s experience with sex is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. But if you’re looking for ways to improve your stamina in the bedroom, it’s worth considering whether condoms could be a solution. In this article, ShagLonger has explored the potential benefits of condoms for lasting longer in bed. As well as giving you some other tips and techniques you can try.

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So do Condoms actually make you last longer during sex?

There is some evidence to suggest that condoms can help men last longer in bed. In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who used condoms reported longer ejaculation times compared to when they didn’t use condoms. However, it’s important to note that this study was small and further research is needed to confirm the findings.

Additionally, individual results may vary. Some men may find that condoms help them last longer, while others may not notice a difference. Always contact your doctor for advice on premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

List of ways condoms can help you last longer in bed

Condoms can have an impact on a man’s sexual performance in several different ways. Let us take a look at the different ways they help you last longer:

Reduce sensitivity for sexual activity

Your penis’s glans, or tip, are where it is most delicate. The region next to the frenulum, a little, elastic piece of tissue that joins the glans of your penis with the foreskin, is where your penis is most sensitive. Condoms provide a physical barrier between the penis and the vagina in penetrative sex, which can reduce sensation and delay ejaculation.

Increases penile vibratory threshold

Men’s penile vibratory threshold becomes higher when they use a condom (The penile vibratory threshold refers to the amount of vibration required for a man to feel sensation in his penis).

Prevention of STIs and STDs

Certain STIs and STDs can sometimes lead to PE, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Condoms are one of the best ways to prevent the contraction of any form of STI and STD.

So what types of condoms can help prevent premature ejaculation?

If you haven’t spent much time looking for condoms before, it can be challenging to know what to look for because there are so many various brands, varieties, and sizes available.

Below we have compiled a list of different factors to consider to choose the right one for your long-lasting night of passion:


First things first, before considering all of the different types of condoms available, you must find one that fits comfortably!

Most condoms are available in a range of sizes. It’s critical to select one that comfortably fits your penis (i.e., one that is neither too tight nor too loose), completely covers the length of your penis, and leaves just enough room for ejaculation.

A condom that is too tight can increase the chance of rupturing during sex, but a condom that is too loose can not offer enough protection.

Extended pleasure/Delay condoms

You’ll only have to have a quick gander in the condom section in your local supermarket or pharmacy and see plenty of labeled “delay” or “extended pleasure” condoms.

These condoms were created with the express purpose of delaying ejaculation and enhancing your performance in bed. Most of them have an internal numbing lubricant to help with premature ejaculation or elongate sex time. It temporarily numbs the sensitive areas of your penis to keep you from experiencing orgasm or ejaculating too soon during sex.

You might wish to experiment with desensitizing condoms on your own before using one with your partner because they can be difficult to use at first, and some individuals feel that they can decrease sexual enjoyment.

Thicker condoms

These might be labeled as “extra safe” or “extra thick” condoms. These thicker condoms were designed for extra safety in sexual health and contraception.

However, the fact that they are a much thicker material than standard condoms means they can dull down the sensitivity. You might want to use this type of condom to treat premature ejaculation if you don’t like the numbing lubricant on your penis.


It is important to note that you must consider the material you are using and consider any allergies you or your partner may have. Some individuals can be allergic to latex, which is a popular choice of material for making condoms. If this is the case, it would be important to opt for latex-free condoms such as polyisoprene.


There are different types of textures you can get with condoms, dotted and ribbed are two examples. These are considered mutual pleasure condoms as the added texture adds to the sexual pleasure for the woman as well.


What are the options?

After taking all of these factors into consideration, it is up to the individual to decide what suits them best, and what makes them the most comfortable.

However, you didn’t think we’d leave you without some options to help you last longer and increase your sexual stamina, did you?

Trojan extended pleasure

Trojan extended pleasure condoms come with a lubricant called Climax Control to keep you going while you’re going to town. A unique active component in the clear lube (Benzocaine, 4%: Male Genital Desensitizer) works to delay ejaculation and increase staying power. These condoms are made from latex.

Erotim Long Love

These condoms function the same as trojans but contain 7% benzocaine, which is higher to decrease the sensitivity even more. They are manufactured in Germany and meet international quality standards by being electronically tested. One advantage over their competitors is that there are different types available, normal, studded, special XXL, and ribbed. These condoms are made from latex.

LifeStyles Extra Strength

If you’re not a fan of the active ingredients or desensitizing anesthetics found in the previous condoms, this one may suit you. It is ideal for anyone sensitive to ingredients such as lidocaine or benzocaine. These condoms are made with an extra thick barrier for extra staying power and lubrication for a smoother entry. These condoms are made from latex.

Durex Mutual Climax

If you’re interested in your partner reaching orgasm in your sex sessions as well, then this might be the one for you. Again this is a latex condom but has dots and ribs on the outside to help stimulate your partner too.

SKYN selection – non-latex condoms variety pack

For people or couples allergic to latex, this substance can be a good substitute, SKYN makes non-latex polyisoprene condoms. The condoms feel soft, according to the manufacturer. It asserts that people need to feel as though they are wearing nothing at all.

Strangely, some customers claim that despite how amazing they feel, these condoms lengthen their lifespan. Even though they don’t like condoms in general, many men claim to love these.

Are there any alternatives to condoms for premature ejaculation?

Your choice of condoms isn’t the only tool you have to help delay ejaculation, there are plenty of medical and natural ways to help last longer in bed. Here are a few:

The squeeze technique

When you are going to ejaculate, you squeeze the end of the penis. The “point of no return,” or the point at which ejaculation is unavoidable and cannot be prevented, will become more apparent to you as a result of doing this. Ejaculation can be postponed by recognizing how this feels and “doing the squeeze” right before you reach that point. It will take some time, but perseverance pays off. We have created an in-depth look at the squeeze technique.


There are plenty of medications to increase your staying power available: via prescription and over-the-counter. These can come in the form of SSRIs such as citalopram or fluoxetine.

Diet and wellbeing

Keeping your body in tip-top shape is a surefire way to give you the best chance of staying between the sheets for as long as you want. If you have a healthy functioning body it will benefit you immensely in the bedroom.

Maintaining a balanced diet, being regularly hydrated, having a good sleep pattern, and regular exercise can all help PE and boost your performance in bed.

Note: There are also specific, natural foods and drinks that help you last longer in bed because of the rich nutrients they’re packed with.



So there you have it! Some reports suggest condoms do actually help some men last longer in bed. However, that’s not to guarantee that it will be for every man, it depends on the individual.

With the many varieties of condoms available it may be advantageous to try a few of the ones mentioned earlier to see what works best for you. There are also other sexual health benefits that condoms offer such as the help of prevention of STIs and STDs as well as being one of the best forms of contraception available.

You can also try one of the other techniques mentioned to see if that helps you. If you have tried all of these and still have an ongoing sexual dysfunction, always talk to a healthcare provider.

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