So when I say the term “Sex God” to you, I bet I know what picture pops up in your head. A greek statue-type figure with a ripped six-pack, big muscles, and lean body mass index (BMI). Am I right?

But could overweight men actually have more sexual stamina than beach-body guys? Shag Longer will explore the evidence of “why do fat men last longer in bed.”

So do men with big bellies last longer in bed?

It’s great news lads! Throw away the dumbells and phone up your favorite takeaway joint. According to research published by Erciyes University in Turkey, overweight men lasted longer than the average man with normal body weight. 

Men with pot bellies last roughly five minutes longer than those who are more masculine, according to a study that examined the connection between sexual performance and body mass index (BMI). Who would’ve guessed, obese men with a higher BMI are the pinnacle of male sexual performance!?

The results of the year-long study showed that people with higher BMIs, particularly those with larger bellies, lasted an average of 7.3 minutes. While their thinner coworker struggled to keep going for two minutes.

This study involved 200 males. 100 who were looking for solutions to their sexual dysfunction problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. As well as 100 more males who appeared to have no issues in bed.

Why do fat men last longer in bed then?

The science behind the discovery basically states that fat guys are able to last longer as they have more Estradiol present in their bodies. Estradiol is a female sex hormone that slows down premature ejaculation in males.

According to experts, guys who have more belly fat also have higher Estradiol. The hormone interferes with “masculine” neurotransmitters’ function and prevents them from developing into orgasm. This would be beneficial to someone suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation.

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Should we all just get fat now?

Well no, although it’s great that overweight men get to last a bit longer in bed, it is not an ideal strategy for your sex life. If you become too overweight you’d have to consider many health concerns. Being too obese can actually cause you to develop premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions.

Being fit and healthy also has many additional benefits that can also help your sexual performance. Regular exercise can help improve blood flow, which is needed by the penis to gain and maintain a solid erection. General health and well-being can also do wonders for your mindset which would help reduce some of the psychological issues many men suffer from like performance anxiety. There are even dedicated foods and drinks to help you last longer in bed.

Below are a few additional natural ways to help you improve your sex life and make you last longer:

The squeeze technique

One of several techniques for delaying your orgasm and extending sex or masturbation is the squeeze technique. The squeeze technique is a type of ejaculatory control. It enables you to go close to the peak and then quickly back off by grasping the penis’ tip until the sensation fades.

This method can be done either once or repeatedly. Read our full guide on how to do the squeeze technique.


Some men find that masturbation is a good technique for lasting longer and slowing down ejaculation. They use it to get the penis used to the friction to desensitize it when it’s ready to be called upon with a partner. 


Can condoms make you last longer in bed? Sure not every guy, but many guys mind that condoms help to take the sensation away allowing them to go at it for longer. There are different types of condoms available for this, and you should choose the one that suits you best. Some condoms have a numbing agent on them to desensitize the penis. While others are made of thicker material to block the friction between the penis and vagina.

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So results from the study showed that heavier men do in fact last longer in bed than thinner men. A higher body mass index showed a correlation with lasting longer in bed. Although this sex research is good news for chubbier guys, we don’t recommend going out and purposely piling on massive amounts of fat because of this.

There are plenty of other healthier ways to help you extend your time between the sheets as mentioned above. So if you do struggle give them a try. If you have tried various natural ways with no luck there are supplements available to help. Alternatively, you can seek out medical advice by seeking out your local doctor or sex therapist.

Jocelyn Padilla, Certified Sex Educator

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