Florida Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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St John’s Recovery place is a place that aims at empowering, inspiring, and providing our clients with opportunities to rebuild their lives. We remind them that substance abuse doesn’t mean ending their lives; we believe everyone deserves several chances. There is no impossibility in our dictionary as long as our client is willing to work with us in bettering their lives. We provide clients with tools to improve their lives and lead a comfortable, healthy, profitable, and resilient lifestyle. 

Our program and support are not limited to the time clients spend in our rehabilitation centers. At St John’s, the client does not just come to heal; they also gain a second family who also helps them lead healthier lives after graduating from their drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Welcome to The SJRP Alumni

After rehabilitation, it is imperative that clients will go back to normal society, and they could feel the pressure and stress of everyday life breathing down their neck and weighing heavy on their shoulders. The purpose of the SJRP Alumni program is to provide our clients the opportunity to reconnect and mingle with old and new friends as it is easier to be more vulnerable and open with someone who knows what one is going through and has been there.

The Alumni program allows clients to talk about their personal lives, challenges faced back in the everyday world, share personal growth and development, have some fun, and chill.

The only requirement for this program is that you must have completed your rehab program to be a member.

We have several Alumni program which includes;

Alumni Gatherings and The Annual Picnic

At St. John’s Recovery Place, we believe in self-discipline, however, with a dash of fun. Our Alumni program allows both staff and graduates to have fun and ease life’s stress and pressure.

We are spontaneous, fun-loving, and creative. We have fun games like slipping along water slides, enjoying live music, educational and innovative games, watching sporting events, eating delicacies, etc.

Our Alumni program aims to help clients lead a healthy, safe life.

Private Facebook Community and Returning to Speak

SJRP Alumni program that exists to support and care for clients even after rehabilitation. The private Facebook community accepts clients who want to keep in touch after improvement.

Clients and staff encourage one another in the Facebook community by updating details of their lives after rehabilitation. The Alumni program allows former clients to return to the SJRP campus to share their experiences and encourage current clients that recovery is best for them.

Our Alumni program admits clients who chose to return to share their experiences with others. Alumni often speak about their experiences before treatment, what pushed them to addiction and how our rehabilitation program has helped.

Alumni have the opportunity to speak about the significant changes that their lives have encountered after treatment, as well as encouraging current rehab patients on the road to recovery.

The SJRP Alumni Program is solely for the St. John’s Recovery Place community and family. At SJRP,  we prioritize our commitment to our clients. If you ever need us because former clients are a part of our family, our bonds are solid and tight. If you should ever need any of us again, or you feel that you are struggling with substance abuse again, you are welcome to seek help again at SJRP. Alumni clients are welcome to call any staff member, and you have our promise to come through for you.

Contact us today to speak with admissions, verify your insurance, or get help for someone you solidity a drug addiction

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Florida Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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Florida Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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