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Max Performer

  • Formulated in a blue pill to give you the same feel of using Viagra.

  • Helps you maintain your erections after ejaculation to continue sex.

  • Contains Bioperine which helps increase ts formula absorption rate by up to 89%.

  • A perfect blend of herb and vitamins for pure performance.

Best For:

  • Men who want to experience great sexual performance and pleasure.

  • Men who want to go multiple rounds of sex in one session.

  • Men with low esteem who want to increase it.

The Best Place to Buy:

Sells and ships directly from the manufacturer's website. Check it out.

Like Male Extra, I was drawn to look closely at Max Performer because of Cordyceps, but I found more

In this review, I will let you know why Max Performer is a worthwhile supplement to consider like Vigrx Plus and others

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Let’s look at

Let’s dive in

Pros and Cons


  1. Its formula delivers maximum sexual performance and pleasure that lasts
  2. You get 100 days money-back guarantee, more than enough time to test for performance
  3. You also get free shipping on all orders
  4. A unique blend of both herbs and vitamins unlike any other product
  5. A better alternative to prescription drugs like Xanax and Paroxetine


  1. Lack of track record or information for better comparison with other Male Enhancement Pills

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Max Performer Review

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Other than the fact that Max Performer is formulated in a blue pill like Viagra I will be reviewing it based on

  1. Testoterone Production
  2. Blood Flow
  3. Energy
  4. Anti-Stress

These 4 things are key when it comes to enjoying the ultimate sexual performance and pleasure

Testoterone Production

Where it all starts, Testosterone is the main male hormone responsible for sexual masculine activities in men. But it’s only in abundance at a younger age in men, as you age it declines rapidly and affects your sex life.

Max Performer contains Horny Goat Weed, Maca, and Zinc. All of these ingredients have been proven to boost testosterone production levels in men.

This combination will literally restart your puberty again, giving you the ability to relive your youthful years once again

Have longer lasting sex, remain hard, or get erections almost immediately after ejaculation

Blood Flow

This is the heart of getting and keeping erections going:

Erection is simply blood flow to the penis, that’s why it grows bigger and harder

Once the blood flow to the penis stops, it becomes flaccid, soft, and numb again. Bioperine, Selenium, and Niacin are responsible for increasing blood flow to your penis to allow you to have stronger erections that last long


The raw power you need to perform sexual activity, during sex every part of your body is activated to work

That’s the reason why you always feel so tired after sex, it requires lots of energy especially for those who are not physically fit.

You would notice that if you have lots of sex within a period of time and;

You are not that fit, you could lose weight easily


Because you are tasking the body a lot and there are no energy reserves to take from;

So your body has to draw from itself

Max Performer contains lots of ingredients that supports energy production in the body like

  • Cordyceps
  • Iron
  • Riboflavin
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

A combination of all this ensures that you have more than enough energy to enjoy sex anytime you want


One of the most common factors that affect sexual health in men is stress. It tasks the body extremely to the point of you losing zeal in life.

Stress leads to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and lack of stamina.

In today’s world, the stress level is much higher due to the dynamic trend of life.

Ginseng is one of the most powerful stress relief herbs ever discovered, lots of studies prove this

Max Performer contains a very high amount of Ginseng to help reduce your stress levels so you can enjoy sex better

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Benefits of using Max Performer Pills

Max Performer in my opinion can be used as a non-prescription substitute for Viagra. The formula comes in a blue pill which gives you the psychological feeling and effects of using Viagra without the nasty side effects.

Read our full breakdown of the benefits of Max Performer.

Sildenafil and Tadanafil are ingredients used in generic Viagra and Cialis pills, respectively and shockingly:

The FDA discovered that most Male Sex Supplement manufacturers add these ingredients without disclosing them

The FDA even released a list of banned Male Enhancement Pills

But why would supplement producers who claim their products are 100% herbal or natural add ingredients like Tadanafil to their formula?

Simple! Profits, Sildenafil and Tadanafil are chemical compounds that can be synthetically produced in mass quantities

So it’s cheaper than using herbs, so they add these ingredients to fill up their products;

Fewer herbs plus more sildenafil will increase their profit margins

You as the customer will still get the results you want but in the long run, it will screw up your health big time

Max Performer contains the 100% herbal versions of Sildenafil and Tadanafil which are Horny Goat weed and Maca making it:

A safer alternative which is even more effective than taking Viagra without any problems at all

According to the Over the Counter Drug Legal Status,

Max Performer is classified as safe because of its non-toxicity and or other non-potentiality for harmful effects

It is safe for use without any supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to administer drugs

But as usual, it is best practice to consult your doctor before taking any drugs or supplements, prescription or no-prescription alike

For instance, Max Performer contains Ginseng in high doses and;

This can be a problem for men who have high cases of heart-related problems or a history of it

If you have no heart-related issues and ready to start having mind-blowing sex, Check it Out Now!!

Max Peformer vs Vigrx Plus

Max Performer is often commonly compared with Vigrx Plus, my take on this is that no product is always better than the other;

But every product has its strengths and weaknesses

A product might be good for one thing and terrible for the other. My conclusion about this comparison is this:

Max Performer is specifically formulated to help men enjoy great sexual performance and pleasure, while Vigrx Plus is formulated to do much more.

Vigrx Plus takes it a step further by helping men achieve better overall health, especially in the area of prostate health

You can read my detailed comparison of Max Performer vs Vigrx Plus here

The Science Behind Max Performer Formula

Max Performer has its formula down to a science because it’s the perfect blend of herbs and vitamins/minerals. The formula gives you 5 powerful clinically proven herbs which are:

1. Horny Goat Weed:

It contains icariin which neurologists claim stops the release of PDE5, an enzyme that causes your blood flow to reduce

It allows you to enjoy more blood flow to your penis for powerful erections that lasts with intense orgasms

2. Maca:

It contains photochemical, macamides and macenes which are responsible for increased erection size and stamina, strength, and endurance

Furthermore, Maca has been proven to balance hormone levels which means:

It can help your body produce more testosterone if low and reduce testosterone levels if too high

It is also great for improving sperm motility and count, you get up to 100 mg of Maca in Max Performer

3. Red Korean Ginseng:

It contains Ginosenosides proven to reduce anxiety that leads to stress which is a common factor that causes both ED and PE.

Ginseng also increases alertness and concentration needed during lovemaking so that you focus on your partner and stay in the moment

4. Cordyceps

Top medicinal mushroom extract that performs multiple functions like boosting your blood flow levels for:

Stronger lasting erections, increasing your oxygen intake for more energy levels, and also boosting testosterone production

5. Bioperine:

Powerful vasodilator and stimulant extracted from black and long pepper herb,

It helps your increase the absorption of all the active ingredients in the Max Performer formula

It is also proven to improve blood flow, increase stamina and energy levels

The formula also has 8 vitamins and minerals, but I will talk about just 2 of them while I list the others

1. Selenium:

A trace element vital for normal physiological processes, it reduces the risk associated with oxidative stress on your cells

This is good for your penis because it allows the tissues to relax for more blood flow to come in:

Therefore these minerals and vitamins help reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction.

2. Zinc:

Another essential trace element useful for maintaining health, it helps your cells recover faster and boosts sperm production. This means you can enjoy longer mind-blowing ejaculations and orgasms.

The other ingredients include:

  • Pantothenic Acid which is Vitamin B5 for energy
  • Pyridoxine HCL which is vitamin B6 for treating lack of red blood cells
  • Iron provides oxygen to the muscles
  • Niacin which is vitamin B3 for energy
  • Riboflavin is a B vitamin for energy
  • Cyanocobalamin which is vitamin B12 for treating anemia

Enjoy a great sex life now with this amazing formula. Check it Out

Max Performer Before and After Pics

Max performer is a simple male enhancement formula that can literally transform your sexual performance and 10x your sex life in just 90 days

Get ready to see dramatical changes like a boost in libido, longer duration during sex and of course an increase in both penis length and girth

Take a look at these before and after pics from real users



Max Performer Video Testimonial

Adam is the man in the video (from London) He is discussing Max Performer and its beneficial effects.

He had a weak libido and a lack of stamina, as well as erection problems. Adam had previously tried numerous male enhancement supplements, but they did not work for him.

As a result, he ultimately ordered Max Performer. His sexual life has now been utterly altered.

This man reported gains in his desire, stamina, and erection quality after utilizing the pill.

Now, if you want to learn more about Adam’s Max Performer results, watch the entire video…

Visit the Max Performer Official Website to get more user testimonials and results.

How Should You Take Max Performer Pills?

Some pharmacological medications (male enhancers) used to treat erectile dysfunction should be taken around 30 minutes before sex.

Although this can complicate matters — what if sex occurs unexpectedly?

You wouldn’t have time to pop a pill and wait an hour for the effects to kick in.

However, with Max Performer pills, there’s no need to worry about properly timing their dosage to ensure they can perform.

This male enhancement is used on a daily basis, and with regular use, the user will see amazing results with long-term benefits, such as the capacity to get “in the mood” and “get it up” whenever they need to.

According to the Official Website, you should take two capsules with water each day.
Within a few days, you will notice Max Performer results. For best results, take the pills every day for at least three months.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Max Performer

Yes, no perfect product or thing exists, but really anything natural is perfect because it’s natural right

Anyways, from my research and a few reviews I read online about Max Performer, I didn’t come across any proven or documented side effects

But from my personal experience using herbs:

I can say that Ginseng used in the formula may pose a risk for men:

Who have a history of high blood pressure or any heart related diseases

So be sure to check with your doctor if you are one of such men,

Other than that, as said earlier, Max Performer is perfectly safe for use without any supervision

Can you Buy Max Performer in Stores like Walmart, GNC & Amazon?

From what I discovered, the producers of Max Performer keep tight control on supply to avoid imitation and ensure that you get the real thing and not some knockoff that can be dangerous to your health. That’s why you need to carefully research where to buy Max Performer from.

For anything you put into your mouth and body, you have to be very careful how and where you get them from.

So my advice is to buy directly from their site, which is

They ship on time, are discreet, and safe with your credit card transaction

I tried searching for Max Performer on Amazon, but here is what I got


Max performer isn’t available in stores like Walmart, GNC, and eBay either. Buy directly from

Are there Max Performer Coupon Codes you can use?

I was not able to get a coupon code for you but:

As soon I get one in the future I will update the page

But if you buy up to 6 months supply which will give you 360 tablets, you would save up to 50%

Have you tried any of these Max Performer ingredients before or the product? Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comment below.

Dave Matters

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