Just had yet an Epic fail again in bed? I’ve been there, let me share with your the solution that helped me.

After searching for natural remedies to cure my quick ejaculation issues, I was left with a lot of raw herbs to mix

It became tiring, messy, and inconsistent, then I thought to myself “What pill can I take to last longer in bed?” that contains most of the herbs I currently use?

My search ended with ……

Vigrx Plus is the most well researched and developed male enhancement supplement you can take to last longer in bed without any side effects.

Apart from sexual health, Vigrx Plus will also help you deal with other men related issues like Prostate health.

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Why you should consider Vigrx Plus

During my search for solutions to my Premature Ejaculation problems, I discovered a couple of herbs that helped me out a lot.

Damiana Leaf:

A great herbal alternative to cannabis for improving moods and reducing stress

One of the biggest causes of  quick ejaculation for me was performance anxiety and stress. Oh! I was a mess, full of unnecessary fear and anxiety both in and out of the bedroom.

Damiana leaf helped me overcome this in as little as 14 days, I won’t be going into all the technical details but if you are interested,

Go here to read the study about it

Saw Palmetto:

One of the three best and popular herbs for prostate health;

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night several times to pee, then you may have some prostate issues.

Plus if you have to pee several times in a short space of time, you have prostate issues

This is because you are not passing out urine the way you ought to, you are not completely emptying your bladder, and:

This can affect your performance in bed because:

Your ejaculatory flexes is faulty, find out more about prostate enlargement and premature ejaculation.

The same way you have an urge to pee severally is the same way you would have the urge to ejaculate severally at very short intervals and:

It can become frustrating

Yeah, I experienced these lots of time, trust me, very pathetic

Taking Saw Palmetto as medication helped me a lot, in just about 13 days I realized I hardly got up in the middle of the night severally to pee and:

During Sex, I  wasn’t feeling the urge to ejaculate like I used to

Check here to see the study of how Saw Palmetto helps prostate

Epimedium Leaf Extract:

Also known as horny goat weed, this herb lives up to its name. It will actually make you horny all the time because it boosts blood flow to your pelvic region.

More blood flow to your genitals will give you erections that last longer, it contains a compound or substance called icariin:

Which makes all the magic happen.

Funny thing is that it was goats that led men to the discovery of the herb, hence the name horny goat weed, lol! Weed that made goats horny.

Gingko Biloba:

Another great herb that helps increase blood circulation to every part of the body, the brain most especially

Now, picture this herb in combination with horny goat weed to help you last longer in bed.

You have one herb pushing blood to every part of your body and the other herb pumping more of the flowing blood to your genitals.

Korean Red Ginseng:

A common herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to nourish the Kidneys.

My energy level was completely zero, I was lethargic almost throughout the day all the time because stress and anxiety had eaten me whole.

Ginseng helped restore and revitalize my adrenal glands, the organ responsible for energy production and maintenance

It is also a good addition to herbal medicine for curing Sti diseases.

Why Vigrx Plus Then?

Vigrx Plus contains the above 5 herbs I discovered plus the other potent herbs which upon my research of them blew my mind.

What were these herbs? Two of them which are:

Muira Puama:

Also known as the potency wood herb in the Amazonian countries (South Americas)

Locals swear by the effectiveness of this herb in getting and sustaining erections.

Catuaba Bark Extract:

Another popular Amazonian herb usually used in combination with Muira Puama for outstanding results.

Catuaba is considered to be more potent than Muira Puama, get more information on the study of Catuaba here.

So, Vigrx Plus was just the best pill for the job

Check it out!

Why is Vigrx Plus Better Than Others?

vigrx plus

Lots of male enhancement pills or drugs out there;

But not all are created equally and even among the pills created equal,

Vigrx Plus comes highly recommended because:

It’s one of the few male enhancement products recommended and endorsed by the medical community.

If you know anything about Dr or medical professionals, they are and never have been in support of natural remedies,

But somehow, Vigrx Plus is an exception

Dr. Steven Lamm video Medical Endorsement

Another reason why Vigrx Plus is better than the rest is that unlike most if not all male sex pills,

Vigrx Plus has been clinically tried and tested on men and not rats

Furthermore, the trial was not on individual ingredients but on the formula as a whole,

Most supplement manufacturers rely on the individual trials done on ingredients from independent sources to make their formulas

But Vigrx Plus used an independent clinical lab to run trials on its formula, click here to find out the results of the study trial

A third reason is, Vigrx Plus uses a high amount of herbs in its formula with no fillers or additives like Tadalafil;

This makes it expensive but it delivers results with no side effects

Other companies in an effort to reduce price and still increase profits use fewer herbs or natural ingredients, more fillers and:

The unethical companies go as far as adding the same ingredients used in generic Viagra, Sildenafil or Tadalafil

This gives you results quite alright but causes nasty side effects

How will Vigrx Plus Help you Last Longer In Bed?

Let me explain the mechanics of erections and lasting longer in simple terms

If you are not able to get an erection, it means there’s a blockage somewhere along your pelvic region, so:

Blood cannot reach through to your genitals

Erection simply is blood flowing through to your genitals

Great! You don’t have a problem with blood flowing through to your genitals, but yet you can’t delay ejaculation


This means the blood flowing through to your penis is not flowing continuously for a period of time.

It’s only flowing one time and cutting off.

No steady supply of blood flow, so for you to delay ejaculation you need a steady blood supply to your genitals for some time.

How does Vigrx Plus help then?

Gingko Biloba will help clear any blood flow blockages in your body to allow blood to flow to your pelvic area

Epimedium Leaf Extract will increase the supply of blood to your genitals like Sildenafil or Tadalafil so you can have:

Enough blood pumping to sustain your erections while performing in bed

Damiana Leaf will relax your mind and reduce your stress level so you don’t get overstimulated and excited to fast to ejaculate

Saw Palmetto will help you have better prostate health which leas to better sexual health overall

Korean Red Ginseng will give you more energy to support your physical endurance and increase stamina

Muira Puama will support Epimedium to boost blood flow to your genitals for longer-lasting erections

Catuaba Bark Extract will cause a TRI factor effect by supporting Muira Puama and Epimedium to ensure 3x longer-lasting erections

So Vigrx Plus is a great male herbal supplement to take if you are having issues in the bedroom. Check it out here.

Which of these herbs mentioned here have you tried personally?

Please share your thoughts and results in the comment below.

Dave Matters

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