I’ve been lasting longer in bed since 2015, sometimes as long as 60 mins, for me now, it’s simply a case of if I have the luxury of time to indulge in such.

Here is my guide on how to last longer in bed as a guy.

Forget wasting time and thousands of dollars, I want to show you from my experience and research the best way to go about achieving your goal of going from a 3-5 mins to a 25-40 mins man

I have broken down this resource for you into

1. Pills to use to Last Longer in Bed

2. Spray this to Last Longer in Bed

3. Creams / Gels / Oils to Last Longer in Bed

4. Other Products Worth Mentioning

5. Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

Let’s dive in

Pills to use to Last Longer in Bed

Supplements are a lifesaver really when we were much younger, our bodies were in full gear, able to function optimally. When I was much younger, I could have sex multiple times within a session and still have an erection afterward

But, now at 35 no freaking way, but that all changed when I discovered herbal remedies, I was able to renew my sexual health and general well being once again

Here I list the best male enhancement pills based on my experience and research of herbs that can help you revive your sex life

Vigrx Plus:

vigrx plus

Personally, hands down the best male enhancement pill, it contains the best herbs in the right blend and dose needed to help you deal with sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and even men’s health issues like Prostate

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Max Performer:

max performer

The best natural alternative for Viagra which is hands down the best for sexual performance and pleasure. It is made up of herbs and B Vitamins

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Male Extra:

male-extra male enhancement pill

The ultimate male enhancement pill for pure performance and bliss in the bedroom, it’s formula is unique and rare which is a blend of herb, vitamins, and amino acids

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ProSolution Pills:

prosolution pills

The best-kept secret in the male enhancement market, it contains a rare herb used by porn stars to grow massive penis size and to last longer during sex

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Vigrx Plus on steroids, VigFX is the same potent formula as Vigrx Plus in a liquid gelcap to give you extended-release. If you want a more potent version of Vigrx Plus that works faster and stronger. You should go for this instead

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Performer 8

In our comprehensive review of Performer 8, we discovered the power behind the all-natural ingredients it is made up of, to boost your sexual performance to a different level and make you last in bed a whole lot longer!

Spray this to Last Longer in Bed

If you are like me that like to avoid pills if given the opportunity, then using sprays is the way to go. In my experience, pills can be a problem.


Because there’s always that one herb or ingredient in any pill or formula that does not go down well with your body

According to Ayurveda medicine, we have 3 body constitutions

  1. Vata (Dry)
  2. Pitta (Hot)
  3. Kapha (Moist)

So you always have one of these constitutions dominant and the others passive. I am a Vata Pitta type, meaning I have a dry and hot body constitution

From research and experience, most herbs used in men’s sexual health products are usually hot and dry in nature due to their stimulating effects

So for someone like me, when I use such products it makes me nausea, gives me migraines, and sometimes sick

But, I later realized I needed to take products that had a blend of moist and cooling herbs Which is hard to find by the way

Thankfully due to advanced techniques and tools, health companies have been able to formulate the same ingredients used in pills into sprays

Now, it’s as simple as spraying on your penis and getting right into the action. But:

Note: Did you know that whatever you rub or put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream immediately? Well the veins are directly under the skin, so that explains that

Now, you don’t have to worry about any side effects from using pills as I did. But not all sprays are made equal, most are made using synthetic and harmful ingredients

I always advocate the use of natural remedies, products made using herbs mostly, so which spray is the best?

Let’s find out

Vigrx Delay Spray:

vigrx delay spray-min

Of all the sprays have come across, Vigrx Delay Spray is the best why?

It is a precise blend from the makers of the best selling male enhancement pill Vigrx Plus which is designed to give you the maximum performance and pleasure.

It is a high-quality natural male desensitizer spray that is dose-dependent, fast-absorbing, and non-prescription for long-lasting performance during sex

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Creams / Gels / Oils to Last Longer in Bed

Other than delay sprays, male enhancement products also come in the form of creams, gels, and oils which are other awesome convenient ways of enhancing your sexual health and performance

Using male enhancement creams, oils and gels is one of the safest and quickest ways to enjoy sexual performance and pleasure without having to worry about experiencing any discomforts like headaches and nausea

Like I always say, you want to avoid generic and synthetic products, this is also true for creams, oils, and gels. So always go for the products made with herbs

So here is a list of the best you can use based on my experience and research with herbs

Vigrx Oil:

vigrx oil-min

This is the best men’s topical lubricant for stronger, harder erections that lasts longer. Vigrx Oil offers you the fastest and safest results of using Vigrx Plus Pills ingredient

Just rub and get right into the action, no waiting for days or weeks for you to start enjoying the effects

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ProSoluton Gel:


Another powerful topical gel for men who want bigger and thicker erections for superior improved sexual power and stamina just like the male porn stars

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Other Products Worth Mentioning

Here are some other male enhancement products you may worthwhile



A highly rated Herbal Science Breakthrough Penis Patch enhancement product that can help you get back your X factor.

Learn how you can use Patch Delivery to rekindle or boost your sex drive with rock hard long erections and mind-blowing orgasms

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Vigrx Delay Wipes:

vigrx delay wipes-min

With just a wipe you can delay ejaculation and enjoy long-lasting sex using Vigrx Delay Wipes which is designed to be discreet and portable, with no need for lubes, bottles, or creams.

Even better, Vigrx Delay Wipes does not contain harmful chemicals like Lidocaine or Benzocaine which have been proven to make the penis overly numb

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Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

You can actually learn the techniques you need to last longer in bed. Such methods which have been used since the Mayan times are still relevant today

Heck, most of the herbs used in formulas today are actually from their time. Thankfully, such information has been handed down through the generations

Likewise, the techniques and tips which you will learn.

  • Become a better performer in bed today
  • Please her in bed and ultimately enjoy yourself

Did you know that a woman that is well pleased in bed will definitely return the favor and would do anything humanly possible to please you?

Try and see for yourself, you will be amazed. Anyways here are a few tips to help you last longer in bed

1. When taking pills, add marshmallow root and or licorice to your water or juice, this will help balance the hot and warm herbs to avoid nausea or migraines

2. When purchasing pills, be sure to get the ones that are made with 100% herbs and vitamins or minerals

3. Use only herbal ingredient based sprays, creams, and oils. The ones made with synthetic ingredients will make your Penis numb and ultimately lead to Erectile Dysfunction

4. To enjoy good sexual health is to eat and live right, so be sure to do occasional body detox, maybe twice every quarter of the year

A good detox herb for men is Bitter Melon, you can also take Dandelion Root regularly, it’s a good detox and mineral herb

5. Stress is a sex life killer so be sure to reduce it as much as possible, no stress is not possible

Dave Matters

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