Does VigRX Plus work for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction is a question on most first-time buyers’ minds and secondly, How long does it take vigrx plus to work

If I were buying this male enhancement pill for the first time does are the questions that would flood my mind, thankfully this short guide is about these two questions

Does Vigrx Plus Work For Penis Enlargement & Erectile Dysfunction-min

Let’s dive in!!!

Does VigRX Plus Work for Penis Enlargement & Erectile Dysfunction?

I saw a user review on their website where a user said he experienced an increase in penis size after 3 weeks of taking the pill

vigrx plus increase penis size 2-min

vigrx plus increase penis size-min

This is possible most times if you are underweight or you have underdeveloped genitals. I did experience this when I bulked up doing weight lifting and push-ups while taking.

I took a pill then, can’t remember the name, bought it off Amazon,

It pumped me up and to my surprise, my genitals grew in size a bit

Have been mostly underweight all my life until I decided to do something about it

How Does the Penis Enlargement Work?

Hands down, Vigrx Plus is one of the best for erectile dysfunction because it allows and boosts blood flow to the penis. If you have Premature ejaculation through ED, this can also help reduce that!

The clinically engineered formula helps relax the penis blood vessels to allow more blood flow for erections

The more blood flows into your penis, the stronger the erection and:

With a bit of extra flow, you can experience erections that last much longer for your pleasurable sexual enjoyment

Now for the enlargement part, if you have no problems getting erections anytime you want and you take formulas that encourage blood flow

What happens is that your penile tissues begin to stretch and expand to accommodate the extra blood flow coming to your penis

This happens with consistent use over a long period of time. Start using now to grow bigger. Check it Out Now

How Long Does It Take Vigrx to Work?

Most men take VigRX Plus once a day, but some take it more than once a day. When you take the first dose, you may not notice any difference in how your body works. But the effects can be seen very quickly.

Most likely, you’ll see a big change in your sexual desire and your ability to get rock-hard erections come after.

Some people have also said that they had erections in the morning after using the drug for a few weeks.

The VigRX Plus Official Website, on the other hand, says that.

It takes about 30 to 45 days for the product to show promising results. If the supplement doesn’t work for you after a few days or weeks, many people stop taking it.

However, the company says that if you use this product for about 45 days in a row, you’ll get bigger, harder, and thicker erections.

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