Vigrx Plus and Extenze are both great male enhancement pills from the same company;

Leading Edge Health which has decades of experience in sexual health supplements

Both perform the same function, but if you had to choose one “which is better Vigrx Plus vs Extenze?”

Vigrx plus is better because it does not include Yohimbe which has been clinically proven and documented to have a series of nasty side effects;

Some of which may lead to death if not used under professional supervision

Extenze is a great male enhancement product that has helped men for decades overcome sexual dysfunctions and prostate issues

But Vigrx plus is the better choice, it performs the same function as Extenze but is safer and easier on your body or health

By the time you are done reading, you will understand why I chose vigrx plus, we’ll look at

vigrx plus vs extenze: which is a better natural formula for you
vigrx plus vs Extenze: which is a better natural formula for you

Pros and Cons of Extenze


  1. It is a medically endorsed solution pill for male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  2. It works faster than the average male sex pill
  3. A great solution for athletic men and bodybuilders alike, it will give you an unfair advantage
  4. Also a good solution for men prostate problem and overall wellness
  5. It is about $20 cheaper than vigrx plus


1. Extenze can me you too aggressive for a woman to handle in bed.

2. The formula contains way too many herbs and Ingredients, over 20 which I believe is too much for a body system to handle.

3. It contains Yohimbe which has been medically proven to have lots of nasty side effects;

Which can be dangerous if not administered under professional supervision.

4. In addition to Yohimbe, ginseng on its own has also been proven to have side effects for:

Men with a history of heart-related problems.

5. For a herb fanatic like myself, the Extenze formula is just a mess, with lots of similar herbs used for the same function.

6. It’s actually a beginner’s type of pill, where everything is just bundled together, yes it’s actually the amateur version of vigrx plus.

7. If you suffer from any heart-related issues or have a history of it;

Best you stay away because of the lethal combination of piper longum, ginger, ginseng.

8. Extenze can actually put your body into shock mode if you have a frail body system.

9. The combination of herbs is out of balance according to both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of combining herbs.

10. It will leave you with constant side effects like dizziness, headaches, nausea, fever-like feelings increased heart rates, and sometimes hallucinations.

if you still want to check it out, go right ahead here!

Extenze Results Pictures Before And After

Extenze Results

According to customer reviews for ExtenZe, the results have been good. Men who used this penis enlargement pill saw a big change in just one month.

After taking the supplement for 30 days, your erections last a little bit longer than they did before. You’ll also notice that the penis grows in both width and length during the first few weeks. You’ll also notice that your lady has more stamina and sexual vigor every time you see her.

When you read this book again, you will feel like a teenager again. ExtenZe is a pill that you take for 6 months, and you’ll see a big change in how you perform in bed and how big and strong your penis and girth are.

Some ExtenZe reviews say that many men saw a 30% increase in penis size and a 47% increase in Sex Drive after taking it.


Check out some Extenze before and after photos by scrolling down the site a little bit.

Extenze Before & After Pictures

Looking at this Extenze Before & After Pictures closely you would realize how powerful this pill is in enlarging the penis

Even though Extenze is stronger in increasing sperm count, eliminating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, Extenze is also very powerful in increasing both penis length and girth

extenze_before_after-minNote: Extenze pill works differently for men based on age, body type, diet, lifestyle choices, and health status

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11 Reasons Why Vigrx Plus is Better than Extenze

vigrx plus banner

1. Vigrx plus pill was formulated by the same company to be a streamlined and better version of Extenze

2. Vigrx plus pill contains fewer ingredients in the right amount of dose needed to give you:

The desired results you want without shocking your body system.

3. Vigrx plus pill is more expensive than Extenze because it uses more of the best clinically proven ingredients than:

Extenze which uses more ingredients but in lesser amounts.

4. Vigrx plus pill does not contain Yohimbe which is to be used under professional supervision.

5. Vigrx plus unlike Extenze contains a unique blend of ingredients that work very well together to give you the best results.

6. Vigrx plus formula is simple but more powerful than extenze’s complex formula which can be overpowering for the average man.

7. You will need to take less of vigrx plus and more of Extenze:

To achieve the same results and this can be very expensive even though Extenze is cheaper.

8. Vigrx plus has an active following of loyal customers while extenze’s following has faded off over the years.

9. Vigrx plus is still actively medically endorsed and recommended by the medical community unlike Extenze

10. Vigrx plus has gone through a clinical trial by an independent company Vedic lifescience PVT LTD.

11. I have used 80% of the herbs used in both products and:

I can tell you that vigrx plus has a better formula combination for the best results without any side effects.

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Vigrx Plus vs Extenze Compared and Reviewed

Now I will be comparing and reviewing both products based on the following criteria

  1. Formula
  2. Absorption rate
  3. Performance level
  4. Safety level
  5. Immediate results
  6. Customer reviews
  7. Expert ratings
  8. Clinical trials
  9. Price / value

Vigrx Plus





Absorption Level






Fast Results



Customer Reviews



Expert Ratings



Clinical Trials







60 Pills

30 Pills




Discount Code

MTH15 (15% Off)



Vigrx plus formula is more refined and researched unlike Extenze which is crude and all over the place

Vigrx plus formula is a better version of Extenze

Absorption rate:

Both products have great absorption rate levels because they contain the same ingredients that make this happen which is Bioperine

Although, Extenze contains ginger which is a circulating agent that can further increase absorption of the other ingredients

But the downside is that this also makes the formula harsh because:

Combining both Bioperine and ginger plus the other ingredients makes the formula to joy and tasking for your body system

Performance level:

Both products perform very well, one is not better than the other when it comes to performance

They both deliver the same level of sexual performance and pleasure

Safety level:

Here, vigrx plus takes the lead, it contains lesser Ingredients and also does not contain Yohimbe which:

Medical report proves has so many side effects and recommend that it should not be used without medical or professional supervision

The Extenze formula is crazy enough, adding Yohimbe to the mix makes it even worse

Immediate results:

Both products work very fast, but I would say Extenze works slightly faster due to its extra Ingredients;

Yohimbe also has been proven to work very fast

But for health concerns, I wouldn’t take this feature into consideration

Better to be slow and safe, than fast and dangerous

Customer reviews:

For vigrx plus, the customer loyalty and base is growing steadily strong:

While that of Extenze has faded out over the years as men have come to experience some of its many side effects

Expert ratings:

Vigrx plus is still actively medically endorsed and recommended by professionals for sexual health improvement and performance

Clinical trial:

Vigrx plus compared to Extenze and other male enhancement products available today has gone through an independent test trial by Vedic Lifescience PVT LTD. Check out the results.

Other male enhancement products or solution only use openly available clinical trials or studies on individual herbs a d ingredients to conclude their results


Extenze is cheaper than vigrx plus, but the catch is;

To get the desired level of results you have will need to use twice as much Extenze than vigrx plus

So you will end up spending more on Extenze than vigrx plus


Vigrx plus gives you 60 pills for £69 whole Extenze gives you 30 pills for £49. To get 60 pills of Extenze it will cost you almost £100

Plus vigrx plus contains huge amounts of ingredients per dose unlike Extenze and this also means:

You will still have to buy much more of Extenze to get the desired results

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Both products are manufactured from the same company, leading edge health, Extenze was basically their first male enhancement product based on my research

So it’s safe to conclude that Extenze was more of an experimental or beginner product

Vigrx plus was created based on the feedback and results from Extenze, making it a more researched and refined version

In life, we can only learn based on trial and error, if you don’t try out a thing you will never know or learn

4 reasons why I choose Vigrx plus over Extenze

So Vigrx plus is better than Extenze because:

1. It is based on real-life experience and feedback, not theoretical conclusions based on ancient philosophies about herbs.

2. It filters out the unnecessary ingredients that can cause health issues like Yohimbe.

3. It is less complex for your body system to handle.

4. It does absolutely the same thing as Extenze but in a gentle and easy way.

Have you tried any of these products before or are you familiar with any of them;

Find out more about Vigrx Plus now!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below especially on Yohimbe if you have any experience with it

Dave Matters

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