dave matters rounded-minDave Matters here, – 36 years Old Guy from the UK

Dr. Dave Matters is a professionally certified expert who has 5 years of study in the use of herbs and natural remedies, he graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) a respected global leader in healthcare education.

I feel ashamed to say this, but I love Sex and I have been having long-lasting mind-blowing Sex since 2015 as I used to when I was 10-12 years younger.

A couple of years into my adult life the worst thing ever hit me, what was that? Premature Ejaculation. Oh! It was dreadful, I could barely last up to 3 mins during sex

One of the major causes of this for me apart from my age was Stress and Anxiety, it almost ruined my life, but thank goodness I am in a better place now

Now I last up to 45 mins during sex, it’s simply now a case of if I have the time to have sex for that long due to my busy schedule

How was I able to overcome Premature Ejaculation? Herbal Remedies and an adjustment in my diet and lifestyle habits.

You see, I wasn’t eating right, was barely sleeping well and all this took a toll on my health and also the inevitable process of growing old also was an issue. As you age, your body just can’t perform the way it used to

But, thankfully I was able to reset all that with the use of herbs, so I created this website to help you by sharing the experience and research I gathered over the years.

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my herb stash

All my product reviews are based on my personal experience with the herbs and ingredients used in the formulation of these products and not the product itself as I have only ever used just a few of them

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my herb stash

Am more of a raw herbs guy, I mix my own formulas myself, so I have used almost or if not all the herbs used in most of the male enhancement pills out there

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my herb stash

So this makes me unbiased to any particular product because I approach my reviews from the ingredients and combination point of view


So through the whole site to explore and discover how you can go from a 3 mins guy to a 35 mins guy in bed.

If you have any personal questions, you can contact me please,  will respond as soon as I get the chance to

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