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Genf20 Plus

  • Formulated with Enteric Coated Tablets for Maximum Potency.

  • Endorsed and recommended by Dr Steven Lamm on "The View" an American Talk show aired on ABC

  • Independent Human Clinical Study proving Genf20 Plus increased IGF-1 levels by 28% after just 12 weeks. See Results Here

  • Contains a proprietary blend of amino acids, nutrients and peptides proven to kick start anti-aging for older people and growth for younger people.

  • Comes with a separate Oral Spray made of Alpha GPC to compliment the pills.

  • Offers a 67 days money back guarantee.

Best For:

  • Older people who want to look and feel younger again

  • Younger people who want to increase muscle & body growth.

  • For women who want a flawless beautiful & youthful looking skin.

The Best Place to Buy:

Always best to buy from the manufacturer's website, although in the past it was only available on their website:

But these days other retailers now sell it

But it's best to buy from the direct website to avoid imitations and also to get other benefits like:

Money back guarantee, discreet order & shipping, order by phone etc

Check it out

My experience and research with Vigrx Plus made me look into Genf20 Plus because they are produced by the same company Leading Edge Health

When I looked at the ingredients of Genf20 Plus:

Astragalus and Deer Antler Velvet caught my interest because I have used both of them before, and I am currently still taking Astragalus

Just these two herbs in the genf20 plus formula sold it for me because when I was using both herbs:

I experienced more energy and was full of life

In this Genf20 Plus Review, I will help you understand why it is the Best Legal HGH Releaser in the market today

genf20 plus reviews-min

We will look at

What is Genf20 Plus?

Genf20 Plus is one of the top naturally formulated medically recommended & endorsed legal human growth hormone supplement made with:

Amino acids, herbs, nutrients, and peptides

It comes in a kit that includes

  • A pack of tablets and
  • Oral spray

Pros & Cons


  1. Made by the same company behind Vigrx Plus, the best-selling male enhancement supplement to date
  2. Best for anti-aging, bodybuilding, and beauty due to its growth-factor properties
  3. Can help you feel the effects of anti-aging in as little as three weeks
  4. Better and safer than injections of synthetic HGH
  5. Can help encourage your body to naturally and safely produce HGH for a more youthful appearance and feel
  6. Independently tested in human clinical trials


  1. Quite more expensive than other HGH supplements because it contains the best ingredients in the right amount needed to give you guaranteed results
  2. Most supplements require a dosage of 1 to 2 a day, but Genf20 requires 4 pills a day and the pills give maximum absorption and effect because they are enteric-coated.
  3. Can become addictive when you get a feel of its awesome superpowers

Why & How Genf20 Plus Spray Was Created

Genf20 Plus Oral Spray - The Best Natural HGH Releaser
Genf20 Plus Oral Spray – The Best Natural HGH Releaser

The Natural HGH Releaser – (HGH Releaser Reviews)

Genf20 Plus HGH Spray is one of the best Natural HGH Releasers available today,

It came as a result of research and development to help make the HGH Pills more effective, in the process Alpha GPC was discovered.

Alpha GPC is a potent HGH Releaser agent that was added to the product mix to guarantee the best results possible for users:

But adding it to the existing supplement would have made it colossal to the body system:

So then, it was decided by the company to create a separate product out of it.

Genf20 Plus Oral Spray was created, so combining the spray and the supplement made it easy to enjoy the benefits of Alpha GPC as well as:

The already existing powerful blend of ingredients in the Genf20 plus pills.

Genf20 Plus Reviews: Does it Really Work?

There are lots of HGH supplements out there, some come in the form of

Human Growth Hormone Injections, pills, sprays, but none of them come close to Genf20 Plus

They have not been tested and proven to contain ingredients that actually stimulate growth hormone:

Even for those who do have, they are usually in little doses that may not be enough to produce any results

But the norm of the industry is to produce mass production at an affordable cost to gain a high market share.

But for Genf20 it’s a different ball game, the company believes that quality comes first and:

Real customers are ready to pay a premium price as long as it guarantees results

Genf20 Plus works for people across 3 categories,

  1. Those who want to look and feel younger again no matter their age
  2. People who want to build muscle and body weight
  3. Women who want to have a flawless and beautiful skin

But first, let’s take a look at what the medical community has to say about this wonderful natural legal HGH supplement

Medical Reviews

The medical community has emphasized the positive effects of HGH on:

The brain function, muscle, skin, and sexual health which has been well researched and documented in medical journals

But the key here is in finding the best HGH supplement to use, let’s look at what medical professionals have to say about Genf20 Plus and:

Why it’s the best legal HGH supplement available today

genf20 plus medical review by dr steven lamm of ny Genf20 plus medical review by Dr Jeff Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS Genf20 plus medical review by Anna Lepeley, phD, CSCS, CISSN

Human Nutrition and link to Human Growth Hormone

Human nutrition deals with the process in which ingredients in the foods we eat are transformed into the body tissues to create the energy needed for different types of physical and mental activities that sustains human life

Human growth hormone supplement like Genf20 Plus allows for the prevention or eradication of deficiencies caused by malnutrition thereby allowing for normal growth and development

Hormone activity is improved drastically by Genf20 Plus because it improves the secretion of these chemical messengers directly into the blood to allow for better transportation to the organs and tissues, thus:

Leading to better body functioning and performance

Genf20 Plus Improves Your Skeletal Muscles

Your skeletal muscles are connected to your bones by tendons and this supports all your body part movements and how they connect to each other

Genf20 Plus lubricated these bones and strengthens this connection at the tendons to allow for better flexibility in your joints, knees, and legs

How Genf20 Plus Boosts Your Immune System

According to studies, growth hormone supplements like Genf2o Plus may promote the growth of the thymus, a gland whose function is to produce important immune cells called T cells.

T cells, also known as T lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell (leukocyte) that is an important part of the immune system

>Boost your Immune System & Beat Covid with Genf20 Plus Now!!!<<

Genf20 Plus & Ageing

Ageing happens because there is a process of structural and functional changes in both humans and organisms because of the passage of time

These gradual changes happen as a decline in biological and physiological functions till death

The link between human growth hormone and ageing are

  • Reduction in Protein synthesis
  • Decreased lean body and bone mass
  • Increased percent in body fat

As you age, you suffer from these conditions because you produce less human growth hormone and time causes a decrease in your body’s ability to perform most functions properly

Using an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus for older people with reduced IGF-I levels or GH-deficient will help

  • Increase plasma IGF-I
  • Nitrogen retention
  • Lean body mass
  • Reduce the percentage of body fat
  • Experience little effect on bone mineral density

Genf20 Plus & the Skin

Clinical papers show the possible effects of growth hormone on epidermal cells, dermal structures, and wound healing

It is safe to say that using an HGH releaser like Genf20 Plus can help you

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Tighten saggy skin
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Boost metabolism

Flawless and youthful skin is just 4 pills a day

Get Genf20 Plus Now!!!

Bodybuilding Reviews

Genf20 Plus Reviews Bodybuilding

If bodybuilding is your thing, Genf20 has got you covered:

I will list a few ingredients that are slowly gaining the trust of men who are into muscle building all over the world

They include

  • L-Arginine
  • L- Glutamine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Glycine

This is a mean muscle-building amino acid formula lots of bodybuilders swear by and it’s just a part of the genf20 plus formula

Now imagine the above amino acids in combination with Human Growth Hormone producing ingredients like

  • GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • GTF Chromium
  • Colostrum
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

That’s still not all, other ingredients like Astragalus, Terrestris Tribulus, and L-Orthinine HCL are included. These are herbs popularly recommended and endorsed in the bodybuilding community.

The high amounts of amino acids and HGH ingredients plus other herbs makes Genf20 Plus an absolute winner for bodybuilding because it helps you

  1. Build lean muscle mass
  2. Burn body fat
  3. Increase your endurance and strength level
  4. Reduce your recovery time after workouts

See for yourself here now. Check out Genf20 Plus for Bodybuilding

Hypergh14x vs Genf20 Plus

Hypergh14x was originally made for HGH supplement users interested in bodybuilding, it had most of the same ingredients in Genf20 plus with additional ingredients like Terrestris Tribulus for muscle building

But Genf20 plus has been reformulated to contain those same additional ingredients and is being marketed to bodybuilders now. Check it out here!

Looking at both HGH product ingredients, you will see that they contain similar ingredients

So now you can use Genf20 Plus for boosting HGH production levels and for bodybuilding.

Genf20 Plus Reviews from Users

Real Consumer Reviews

I checked online and found a few user reviews I can actually relate to

Chris claims he had a definite increase in muscle mass, this I can believe based on the amino acid and HGH ingredients profile of Genf20 Plus

Genf20 plus user review by Chris B who has grown muscle mass

Sylvia Denonna from New York also claims she experienced incredible energy levels and sex drive. Yes, this is possible since HGH has anti-aging effects.

Genf20 plus user review by Sylvia Denonna from New york

Jim H claims he has more energy throughout the day, and he sleeps better, another benefit of anti-aging

Genf20 plus user review by Jim H who has more energy

Micheal Masch from Philadelphia Pennsylvania shares an interesting one, he says he now looks exactly the same as he was younger. Anti-Aging at its finest.

Genf20 plus user review by Micheal Masch of Philidelphia Pennsylvania

Marlon B now stays longer in the Gym, thanks to Genf20 Plus bodybuilding and HGH unique blend

Genf20 plus user review by Marlon B the ultimate bodybuilder

Genf20 Plus Before & After Pictures

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words yes, these Genf20 Plus Before & After Pictures really show how powerful Genf20 Plus is as a human growth releaser.

Take a look at these before & after pictures posted by real users of Genf20 Plus





These are a few before and after photos of people who took GenF20 Plus and saw a big change in their health.

You, too, can change your life into a younger one by using this all-natural HGH releaser that works. Just start taking the supplement and enjoy how it makes you feel.

You can use this HGH Booster to get better and faster results if you really want to do that.

Your Success Story Can Be Next. Find Out More

Genf20 Plus Benefits: Is Genf20 Plus Any Good?

What makes Genf20 Plus better than the rest is its triple advantage system that defies aging

Daily Supplement: which is taken twice daily to help you release HGH abundantly and in as little as 3 weeks you can begin to enjoy anti-aging benefits like

  • Youthful look, feel, and energy levels
  • Better muscle tone and shape
  • Increased metabolism for weight loss
  • Increased sex drive and pleasure
  • A better immune system so you don’t fall ill

Clinical trial on humans proves beyond reasonable doubt that Genf20 Plus helps your body increase HGH production. Click here to see the clinical results.

Enteric Coated Pills increase absorption rates by up to 80-90%. If you have read my other posts you would have seen me talk about:

How the average rate of supplement absorption into the bloodstream is between 40-50%

But formulas that have ingredients like piperine can shoot up to 70%, another absorption boosting option is enteric coating

This makes sure the ingredients get into the right organs needed for it to work effectively. It does not allow your stomach acid to destroy or disrupt the formula structure of the supplement.

This makes Genf20 Plus one of the highest quality HGH releaser in the market

The enteric coating ensures that you get the highest level of absorption for the best possible results

Other benefits of taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements like Genf20 includes

  • It helps with brain functions like memory and cognitive behavior
  • It is good for a healthy heart
  • It strengthens the bones
  • It tones the liver and kidney
  • It enhances sexual performance when used along with a supplement like vigrx plus for men and provestra for women
  • It can cure insomnia
  • It helps fades away dark spots, remove wrinkles and all visible signs of aging

The Unique Genf20 Plus Ingredients

The combination of the genf20 plus spray and pills will give you the best HGH results. The spray has an independent powerful ingredient which makes the pill’s potency twice as powerful than the supplement being used on its own.

Here are the ingredients that make Genf20 one of the best HGH

Alpha GPC is the main ingredient present in the spray, it boosts the level of HGH the body secretes and it also enhances the secretions in the pituitary gland. It also improves mental alertness and calms the mind.

GABA is a crucial amino acid that works on brain function by directly altering it, it helps you achieve clarity and decisiveness. It works well on the nervous system as well.

L-Orthinine Alpha Ketoglutarate is a powerful HGH releasing agent

L-Glutamine is a stress reliever, it boosts metabolism and helps you build lean muscle. It aids mental alertness and fights fatigue.

L-Arginine boosts HGH secretion by up to 300%

L-Lysine boosts the effects of L-Arginine for the highest HGH levels releasing and it works well for sexual performance

L-Isoleucine repairs cells that are damaged, it normalizes blood sugar levels and helps with other #health issues

L-Tyrosine helps overcome depression, fatigue and cell regeneration and boosts metabolism

L-Glycine boosts HGH secretion, calms the mind, and works well for prostate issues

Astragalus Root according to Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes the secretion of growth hormone, boosts the growth of tissues, boosts energy levels, and reduces fatigue

Colostrum a liquid found in the breast milk of humans and mammals, it stimulates the secretion of growth hormones and contains concentrations of IGF-1

Pituitary Anterior powder is an extract from bovine pituitary glands and is rich in growth hormones and factors that can cause muscle growth and recovery

Phosphatidyl Choline helps boost HGH levels by removing somatostatin which studies prove reduces growth hormone production as we age

Terrestris Tribulus promotes muscle mass growth increases strength levels, sex drive, and libido

GTF Chromium an essential trace element responsible for good health, fat loss, and muscle mass.

Deer Velvet Antler is a growth hormone IGF-1 proven to improve cartilage and joint damages

Genf20 Plus Directions for Use

Genf20 plus comes in both supplements and spray, here’s how to use each of them


Take two tablets 2 times a day with a glass of water (total of 4 daily)

  • You can take 2 tablets first thing before meals in the morning
  • 2 tablets after meals before bed

Oral Spray

Take 6 sprays daily

  • 2 in the mornings
  • 2 in the afternoon and
  • 2 in the evening

Genf20 Plus Scam: Just Another Myth!!!

The Genf20 Plus scam you read online are just bogus claims from people who don’t really understand how HGH works and or expect overnight results.

Many people ask what HGH releaser is best and why?

Ideally, it’s a good practice to always make sure you do thorough research on any supplement you want to use because your health is more important than anything else.

Why Genf20 Plus is the most comprehensive HGH releaser ever created

There are lots of HGH releaser products out there today in form of pills and sprays claiming to contain ingredients needed to increase HGH levels.

You will find that some of them might contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to activate HGH production usually have them in low quantities which may not give the desired results.

But really, that is common practice in the supplement industry, since producers want to be able to claim their product contains certain ingredients while trying to keep costs low at the same time.

So this gives genf20 plus a better advantage because it contains optimum ingredients and is formulated with different components to ensure the highest efficiency possible.

Genf20 Plus enteric-coated tablets + Oral spray = Maximum Potency

Enteric coats increase the absorption rate of ingredients in any supplement or drug, this rate increase can be from 80-90% as compared to ordinary coated tablets which only guarantee a 10-15% absorption rate.

So this is one of the features that make genf20 plus very powerful because it ensures maximum absorption, so genfs20 plus scam is just a myth.

The other component that makes genf20 plus powerful is the:

Oral Spray made with Alpha GPC another important ingredient to complement other potent ingredients already available in the formulation. Genf20 plus is the only supplement that goes further to ensure optimum quality and efficiency.

Benefits Of HGH…”Showed Improvements In Overall Quality Of Life!” Medical Study To Prove Genf20 Plus Scam is not Real

  • 61% success in healing injuries
  • 61% success in the disappearance of wrinkle
  • 78% improvement in overall life outlook
  • 67% emotional stability
  • 81% exercise tolerance
  • 38% in new hair growth
  • 71% healing capacity
  • 68% thickness in skin
  • 71% skin elasticity
  • 83% back flexibility
  • 31% increase in muscle mass
  • 82% body fat loss

Genf20 Plus Scam is not real. Here is more of what it can do for you

  • 58% improvement in hot flashes
  • 62% boost in memory functions
  • 39% increase in menstrual cycle regulation
  • 62% Increase in duration of penile erection
  • 73% resistance to common illness
  • 71% strengthening of skin, hair care, and texture
  • 88% increase in body strength and muscle growth
  • 84% boost in energy, emotions, and memory
  • 75% boost in sexual function, sexual potency, and frequency

With genf20 plus you don’t need a prescription to start enjoying the benefits of the age erasing effects triple advantage system.

Genf20 plus is classified as an HGH releaser and the FDA approves HGH releasers under the dietary supplement health and education act of 1994

Genf20 plus scam is really just a myth. Check it out Now!!

Possible Genf20 Plus Dangers

In life for every action, there is a reaction, for every decision there are consequences, so is the case for supplements:

There would be one side effect or the other, but the effects may not be severe.

Some supplements work well for some, and not so well for some others, body systems vary

Here are some discoveries I found on the various negative side effects of some ingredients of genf20

L-Arginine may cause diarrhea, abdomen pains, blood anomalies, and bloating, for people who have asthma it can worsen it. People with low blood pressure stand the chance of getting nasty effects as well.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and those prone to heart attacks

L-Tyrosine is not suitable for people with an overactive thyroid as it is known to increase thyroxin levels and interacts with levodopa

L-Glycine interacts with clozapine (Clozaril) so genf20 is not to be used with any product that contains clozapine.

GTF Chromium may cause irritability, irregular heartbeats, itching.

L-Lysine can cause diarrhea and stomach pain

Phosphatidyl Choline may cause irritation, redness, swelling, bruising, excessive sweating, and stomach upset. It may interfere with Alzheimer’s drugs and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and glaucoma medications.

Astragalus Root Extract can interact with Lithium Cyclophosphamide

How to Get Genf20 Plus in the UK & Canada

Genf20 Plus ships to North America (USA & Canada) and international countries like India

You can order by phone in North America using this number +1-866-621-6884

Order by Phone Internationally using +1-604-677-3533

Genf20 Plus on Amazon

Amazon is a trusted selling platform, yes, but it’s just a platform that offers services to sellers:

Amazon does not own the inventory and has no control over them.

The only control they have is by banning sellers they discover are peddling fake merchandise. So just about any seller can list their products on Amazon and nothing is guaranteed.

>>>Click Here To Order Directly From The Manufacturer<<<

Genf20 Plus Coupons

There are presently no Coupon Codes at the moment but will be available in the nearest future.

Genf20 Plus as a Testosterone Booster

A good HGH enhancer product like genf20 can also be used in stimulating and enhancing hormone levels in men to boost testosterone levels

If you combine a herbal growth hormone supplementation like genf20 plus with a testosterone capsule like Testogen or TestRx:

You will get an anabolic effect like steroids due to the combination of insulin-like growth factor and testosterone booster properties

You will get to enjoy

  • Athletic performance due to increased stamina and vitality
  • Better than placebo effects for better endocrine health
  • Reduced cholesterol in the blood
  • Better vitamins and mineral absorption and utilization for good body composition
  • An erectile function that trumps all types of dysfunction like in the hypothalamus
  • Lower estrogen levels because of less conversion of testosterone in men

Note: Drug administration is important when it comes to administering human growth hormone supplementation for growth hormone deficiency

You do not need to use expensive HGH injections, Genf20 Plus is a very good human growth hormone supplement that comes with an oral spray for better enhancing performance

Serovital vs Genf20 plus

The main difference between Genf20 Plus and Serovital is that Serovital is more geared towards women while Genf20 is a general human growth hormone supplement that works for:

  • Muscle & Bodybuilding
  • Natural anabolic steroid effect
  • Growth
  • Human height
  • Boosting the pituitary gland for balanced hormone level

Note: Along with testosterone and male enhancement supplements, Genf20 plus may also stimulate penis enlargement

A combination of testosterone, blood flow to the pelvic area and growth hormone can have a positive effect on the human penis

Serovital HGH is the best dietary supplement for women who want to

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase lean body structure
  • Build stronger bones
  • Improve mood
  • Enjoy intense sex drive and
  • Look and feel younger

Check out Serovital Now!!!

Several years back Serovital was showcased on The Dr. Oz Show as a breakthrough product for fighting aging. Get the full gists here

Differences Between Genf20Plus & Serovital HGH

1. Genf20 Plus is a safe, natural, and clinically proven all in one human growth hormone releaser product while serovital has Advanced and Anti-aging brands for different purposes and this will lead to an increase in cost

2. Genf20 Plus is formulated using a triple advantage system of enteric-coated tablets for better absorption, daily supplementation, and oral spray while Serovital HGH does not use such a system

3. Serovital HGH claims to have an exclusive patented formula by unlocking a unique amino acid blend that works on changing hormones without the use fany harmful ingredients. Genf20 Plus has a far more superior formula

4. Serovital Hgh’s formula includes a blend of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and leaf extracts. Genf20 Plus formula takes it a bit further by including potent proven herbs like

GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe

Both GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe are reputable online health health stores with proven track records and they stock some of the best supplements you can buy online

Serovital is available on both GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe, but Genf20 plus is not and is exclusively available directly on the manufacturer’s website

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