Vigrx oil reviews


VigRX Oil

  • Formulated using most of the ingredients in the best selling male enhancement pills VigRX Plus

  • Contains additional natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera for better absorption into your penis to give instant results

  • Also contains other topical ingredients that are clinically backed, making it one of the most effective male enhancement oils compared to others

  • Guarantees high sexual pleasure delivery to your penis for better performance and enjoyment

  • You can try it risk free because it comes with a 67 days no questions asked moneyback guarantee

  • Like VigRX Plus pills, VigRX oil has been tested on men in an independent clinical trial

  • Approved by healthcare professionals for its formula and effectiveness

Best For:

  • Men who prefer not to take pills but still want to enjoy the same benefits from ViGRX Plus pills

  • Men who want instant arousal without any side effects like Nausea

  • Men who want to transform their sex life from ordinary and boring to hot and passionate

The Best Place to Buy:

Not from stores near you like Walgreens, Walmart, or online from eBay or Amazon but straight from the manufacturers' website. Check it out

VigRX Oil can be the best thing that can ever happen to your sex life this year

Why is it that any Male Enhancement Pills like VigRX Plus, Male Extra, Max Performer, and Performer8 you take always give you one type of side effect or the other?

Although these side effects may not be serious or life-threatening, what’s the point of feeling a bit of nausea when you are about to have sex?

The truth is that some of the ingredients used in these male enhancement formulas may work adversely on your body system, that’s because we have hot and cold herbs

In my years of using various male enhancer products, am yet to come across a perfectly balanced male enhancement formula, but using a male enhancement oil is a much better and safer solution

In this VigRX oil review, i will be telling you why

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Let’s Look At!!!

What is VigRX Oil?

VigRX oil is a topical (oil or cream) male enhancement product formulated using the highest grade quality herbs to help men improve their performance and enjoyment during sex

In other words, it is a male enhancer oil you can rub on your penis to give you an erection in a minute or less

This claim is from a survey carried out on 73% of men who used VigRX oil in a real survey

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Pros & Cons of VigRX Oil


  1. Transdermal delivery means it transports all the ingredients into the bloodstream instantly for quick action
  2. It gives you the same VigRX Plus pill performance without you swallowing a pill
  3. VigRX Oil is endorsed and recommended by real healthcare practitioners
  4. VigRX Oil is water-based and can be used with a condom
  5. It is safe for oral sex because it contains only natural ingredients which are edible


  1. VigRX Oil is a bit more expensive than the other male enhancement oils thats because it is of superior quality and it guarantees effective results almost instantly
  2. It can become quite addictive due to how easy it is to use and how effective. This can cause sexual addiction

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VigRX Oil Review

VigRX Oil is fast becoming the go-to “Topical Viagra” for men who want to

  • Get stronger harder erections
  • Last longer in bed
  • Grow bigger penis size

VigRx oil offers you instant results using the VigRX Plus formula which has been tested for over 10 years

Imagine having access to the instant results of a male enhancement formula that has sold over 1.2 million boxes worldwide

Become a sexual beast within minutes before sex and have her tapping out or saying things like

“You are so strong”
“Your d*** is so hard”
“Do you want to kill me”

I once read a review of VigRX Plus where the dude said within 2 weeks of taking the pill he realized his penis was fuller both in length and girth

Now, that’s taking a pill which takes time to work because of the digestion process

Imagine this same VigRX Plus formula as an oil or cream rubbed directly on your penis with the ingredients going straight into your bloodstream instantly!

How fast do you think you will get results?

Did you know that anything you put or rub on your skin enters your bloodstream faster than what you put in your stomach?

What you put in your mouth goes through a digestion process that can take hours even days and sometimes some of the ingredients might not even get processed and used by the body

Then you may end up with an “Expensive Urine” meaning you piss out everything making the whole thing useless in the first place

With VigRX oil, you get maximum absorption rate and faster results.

Let’s look at what some real users have to say about this amazing male enhancer oil according to their official website

VigRX Oil Customer Reviews

According to user reviews which are testimonials voluntarily submitted to the company through completed surveys that were included in their product orders or others who submitted written testimonials on their own

Mike from Standwood Michigan claims that he got the desired results he was expecting from VigRX Oil

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P.H.O from Miami Beach Florida says he experienced the following

  • Firmness
  • Increased girth and length of his erections
  • A boost in sexual stamina and libido

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VigRX Oil Results

Also according to the survey filled by most of the men

A majority said they had little to no sexual activity before they started using VigRX oil

After using VigRX oil, most of the men claimed they were able to get an erection during sexual activity

Some men admitted that before they started to use VigRX oil they were not able to have hard enough erections for penetration

Most men after using VigRX oil claimed they experienced very hard erections enough for penetration

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VigRX Oil Before & After Pics


In as little as 60 seconds you start to see the effects of this tested and proven lube, that’s how powerful VigRX Oil can be

Continous use of VigRX lube will give you stronger harder erections that last longer during sex

Another wonderful after effect of using this male enhancer is that:

  • It will increase your penis size both in length and girth. This is possible because of the increased engorgement of the penis
  • You would also notice longer durations before you ejaculate during sex

VigRX Oil Benefitsmale-extra-benefits-min

After regular use of VigRX oil, you would start to experience some of the following

Strong rock hard erections as a result of increased blood flow and circulation to your pelvic area and penis because of herbs like L-Arginine and Gingko Biloba

A boost in testosterone production levels for increased sex drive

Intense, warm orgasms and ejaculations that are breathtaking, furthermore these orgasms last longer than usual

A boost in self-confidence because of new sexual prowess, there’s nothing hotter than a man who just does not stop during sex

Maximum sexual pleasure and toe shattering orgasms that will make you moan like a bitch

Longer lasting sex till she taps out

Beast mode performance on demand, wherever, whenever

Fuller sized rock hard erections that will fill up her vagina and almost reach her womb

100% safe oral sex action because VigRX lube is made with natural ingredients which are safe for consumption

Natural lube for better sex enjoyment without worrying about any side effects like itching, especially for her

VigRX Oil Ingredients vigrx oil ingredients-min

VigRX oil is made using the same ingredients in VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Supplement plus some other natural ingredients because it is in transdermal form (Oil & Cream)

The already existing ingredients from the VigRX Plus pill includes

  • Epimedium leaf
  • Gingko Biloba leaf
  • Muira puama bark extract
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Cuscuta seed extract
  • Asian red ginseng
  • Catuaba bark extract
  • Damiana extract

The additional natural ingredients added includes

L-Arginine, is an essential amino needed by the body to make nitric oxide which dilates the blood vessels to allow for an increase in blood flow to the penis to give harder stronger erections and intense orgasms

Shea Butter, a lipid extracted from the nuts of the African Shea Tree which has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties

Aloe Leaf Extract, from plants that grow in dry hot climates. It boosts blood flow and ovulation, an important part of getting strong hard erections

Licorice Root Extract used because of its overall health benefit, it is said to boost free testosterone levels and increase both physical stamina and endurance

Dong Quai Extract, popularly known as female ginseng, it builds and moves blood all over the body, especially to the pelvic area

Lepidium Meyeni (MACA) is a great herb for balancing hormones and boosting both male and female fertility

Black Cohosh Root Extract, is another popular female herb that is good for hormone balancing and boosting testosterone levels in men

Wild Yam, great for chronic digestion and reproductive problems in both men and women

Raspberry Fruit Extract, popular among women for toning and nourishing the uterus, in men it helps with prostate health which is needed for better sexual performance

Cinnamomum Zeylancium Bark Extract, a great blood circulation herb

Water or Aqua




Does VigRX Oil Work

VigRX Oil does not work is what most men who haven’t really tried it before would say. But before we conclude if VigRx Oil works, we need to first know this:

How Does VigRX Oil Work

VigRX Oil comes in a silky smooth texture form which makes it twice as much easy for the penis to absorb the ingredients

The transdermal delivery system is a clinically proven approach to delivering nutrients to a particular spot of the body through the skin

These nutrients are quickly captured and locked in by the penile tissues, making vigRX oil work almost instantly

All the natural herb properties are quickly absorbed into the tissues and the penis reacts to this immediately

The ingredients absorbed then improves and increases the growth of the penis tissue allowing for harder, stronger erections that last longer, thereby reducing the likelihood of quick ejaculation

Now, back to the question “Does VigRX Oil Work?”

Men simply can’t get enough of VigRX oil because it can instantly transform their sex life from boring, non-existent to passionate and regular. The following survey results prove so

  • 85.04% of men voted that their high levels of sexual desire was from the use of vigRX oil
  • 80.77% of men agreed that they were able to keep a hard erection during sex with vigRX oil
  • 81.06% of men testified that they were able to penetrate their partners after using VigRX oil

How to Use vigRX Oil

Open the cap and peel off the seal if you are using vigRX oil for the very first time

Pour a little amount on your palm and simply massage the oil all over your penis until you are able to get a strong hard erection

You can try masturbating with vigRX oil so that you can get the right amount you need and the sensation it gives

VigRX Oil Price

Surprisingly, for the value and results you would get from using vigRX oil it is relatively inexpensive

Normally you would think this premium lube would cost between $80-$100 per bottle. Not so, rather it costs:

  • $49.95 per tube for 1 month supply saving you $20
  • $109.85 for 3 tubes for 3 months supply saving you $100
  • $209.80 for 6 tubes for 6 month supply saving you $209.90
  • $399.95 per 12 tubes for 12 months supply which allows you to save $439.45

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VigRX Oil UK – is It Available There?

VigRX oil ships to the UK and other European states directly from Canada where it is manufactured and marketed by Leading Edge health makers of VigRX Plus, Genf20 Plus, and other best selling health supplements

Is VigRX Oil Available In Stores Like Walgreens, eBay & Amazon

Like I would always advise, its always best to buy health supplements directly from the source rather than third party retailers like Walgreens, eBay, Amazon, GNC, and Walmart

Online stores like Amazon and eBay mostly especially are platforms where different sellers sell their products so therefore the authenticity cannot be vouched for

From experience, most of the sellers on Amazon and eBay source their products from China

Where to Buy VigRX Oil in Stores?

Rather than looking to buy vigRX oil from stores like Walgreen, Walmart, and online stores like Amazon and eBay, i would recommend you buy VigRX oil directly from the manufacturer in Canada through their website

They offer secured online payment processing and discreet shipping plus you are getting 100% genuine lube with all the guarantees and moneyback

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VigRX oil Official Wesbite

Here is how the vigRX oil official website looks like so you don’t fall victim to a clone or look-alike website claiming to be the real deal

vigrx oil website-min

VigRX Oil Free Trial

There’s really no free trial but when you think about the 67 days money-back guarantee offered, its the same thing as a free trial

Other than the money back and free shipping offer you would get from buying directly from the official website

You also stand to get other gifts like Semenax and a free gift card for Lead Edge Health eCommerce store called Natural Health Source

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Are There Any VigRX Oil Side Effects?

To date, there are no documented side effects of VigRX oil, and likewise VigRX Plus supplement

How is this possible?

Because the formula consists of only the best high-quality herbs which have been used and documented for ages

These herbs have been used as a source of food and healing before medicine was even invented. Am sure you know that western medicine has its root from plants although they are extremely modified and isolated

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