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Vigrx Plus

  • Highly recommended and endorsed by the medical community. (Dr Steven Lamm)

  • Best selling male product with over 1.2 million boxes sold from 2007 till date.

  • Clinically tried and tested on men and not rats.

  • Contains a proprietary blend of herbs proven to help men get erections that last longer than the average time.

  • Free shipping on select orders.

  • 40% more absorption rate than other products.

  • It offers is 67 days money back guarantee.

Best For:

  • Men suffering from performance anxiety.

  • Men which prostate health issues.

  • Men who are unable to get and keep an erection for long.

The Best Place to Buy:

Directly from the manufacturer to avoid imitations. Check it out

I tried 6 out of the 9 ingredients in vigrx plus and:

I can say confidently I have some great things to say about it

This review will tell you everything you need to know to help you figure out if it is for you

vigrx plus review, my personal experience using its ingredients
VigRx plus review, my personal experience using its ingredients

We will look at

Let’s dive in

Pros and cons


  1. Formulated with 100% hi-grade natural herbs using the most advanced and safest technique
  2. Formulated to help men achieve overall better health levels so you don’t have to rely on pills for performance all the time
  3. No fillers, additives, or hidden ingredients like sildenafil. It’s a non-GMO product.
  4. No stomach upset, it has natural ingredients known for their effects on the human body
  5. Increases libido and sexual desire almost immediately after first use
  6. Recommended to those men who live high stress and heavy workload life
  7. Contains Bioperine which increases the absorption of the formula into your body by up to 90%


  1. Can cause erotic dreams which may lead to involuntary ejaculation
  2. Can make you aggressive in bed only after a couple of weeks of use
  3. Not recommended for men who have a history of high blood pressure or heart related diseases. So be sure to seek medical advice first.
  4. It is expensive because it contains the required amount of herbs needed for the best results.
  5. Other products contain fewer herbs and fillers, even FDA realized that some male sex pills actually contained ingredients used in generic Viagra

Take a Peep inside now. Check it out


My review

I will be reviewing this product based on the following factors or properties which I believe is necessary for:

Sexual performance and overall men’s health

  1. Relaxing properties
  2. Stress-reducing properties
  3. Blood flow boosting
  4. Energy-boosting
  5. Prostate health


The vigrx formula consists of a perfect blend of natural herbs that has all the properties listed as needed for stronger erections that last longer

To calm your nerves, reduce anxiety and stress:

Damiana leaf and Catuaba bark extract. Damiana leaf is the most potent stress-reducing and calming herb discovered and used by the Amazonian!

It is the best and most popular alternative to smoking weed, cannabis is also known to calm and relax the mind:

But long term use of it is bad for the health

The first time I used Damiana leaf before sex, I felt oh what a waste because I didn’t last long. Oh boy, little did I know that it needed time to build up.

After 5 minutes of relaxation, I thought I would give sex a go again, I was in for it;

I never felt so hard in a very long time I was so calm and bold it’s like I came and animal:

I wasn’t conscious of anything else I was so into the moment, sadly I didn’t orgasm the second time;

She had to call it quits, she couldn’t take it anymore

Catuaba bark on the other hand also relaxes the mind and reduces stress because it works on your nervous system similar to damiana leaf

You can read more on it here, I do not have any experience with it yet

Blood flow boosting:

The most important factor to gaining erections that last long.

In order to gain an erection, you need blood to flow through to your pelvic area then to your genitals

When there is a restriction of blood flow down there, getting an erection becomes hard.

Erection is simply blood moving into your genitals, that’s why your genitals expand and become hard

For the erection to last longer, you need a continuous flow of blood into your genitals

Remember to get an erection at first, blood needs to flow from other parts of your body down to your pelvic area

Now that you have an erection, you need the blood to keep circulating back and forth to your genitals

Yes there are other factors that can make you not last longer, factors as performance anxiety, stress, high blood sugar, or porn addiction.

But of all these factors blood flow is the most important because life is in the blood

Our body runs on blood, foods we eat are broken down to nourish the blood and the other organs

Without blood flow and circulation you can’t get an erection not to talk of lasting longer

This is where vigrx plus shines among the rest, it contains three blood-boosting herbs that work synergistically to raise a dead penis

Here’s how:

Gingko Biloba: A popular well-researched herb proven to increase blood flow to the brain and nervous system. The brain controls every part of your body by circulating blood.

When you get sexually excited or are in the mood;

Your brain receives this signal, processes it, and sends down blood to the genitals to continue the cycle of pleasure

Gingko enhances this function by boosting blood flow. The first time I took this herb, it was electrifying, I felt a sensation moving around my body.

Later I got to know that it was the movement of blood, you need to experience this;

But you don’t want to use too much at a time, could cause a migraine

Hawthorn berry: One of the most effective herbs used by herbalists for heart-related problems like hypertension and bad cholesterol

The heart is the blood generator and distributor of blood in the body;

Hawthorn berries strengthens your blood vessels and supports your hearts muscles to pump and distribute better quality blood

It also frees or clears up any blockages in your arteries to make blood gets to every part of your body, especially your genitals. Click here to learn more about hawthorn.

Muira puama bark extract: Commonly called erection or potency wood by some tribes in Brazil

A study conducted by Dr Jacques Waynberg showed it has great aphrodisiac qualities;

But what I found fascinating from the studies I researched is that:

Muira puama has the ability to send blood flow directly to the penis, hence the name potency wood, meaning it gives an erection

Like I said earlier, blood flow to the genitals makes it erect, when you have an erection, your penis is filled with blood

Once the blood moves out, your penis becomes flaccid again

Now to the fun part:

Gingko Biloba + hawthorn Berry + Muira Puama = strong hard erections that lasts very long

Here’s how:

Hawthorn berries nourishes and tones your heart to allow it to pump more blood, it also clears up your blockages to allow blood flow freely.

Gingko Biloba then takes your free-flowing blood on a round trip through the body especially to the brain:

Which technically still distributes round the body as it sees fit

Muira puama: takes most of this blood to your penis by exciting the brain;

Making the brain assign most of the blood flow there because the brain is getting feedback that is stimulating

  1. Gingko Biloba = circulation of blood
  2. Hawthorn Berry = production of blood
  3. Muira puama = distribution of blood to the genitals

How does this make you last longer?:

Muira puama sends blood to your genitals after Hawthorn Berry has done a great job of stimulating blood flow

Now you can have hard erections

Gingko Biloba circulates the blood to and fro to keep the blood pumped by the hawthorn flowing throughout the body to your penis

It’s a loop that kicks in and continues until other factors kick in to stop the cycle

What other factors you may ask?

  • Endurance level
  • Stamina
  • Your state of excitement

Start getting strong erections that last long. Find out how!

Testosterone production:

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for masculinity, more like superpowers for men

It’s available in abundance at a younger age and slowly declines as you age. Low testosterone levels can cause:

  • Fatigue
  • Low libido and sex drive
  • Lack of motivation to life

Testosterone is a key factor in sexuality for men, you can’t do without it, sorry.

Ever wondered how you were able to have so much sex and still want more now and then?


At a younger age, you produce it in abundance that’s during your formative years, when your arms, chests, and organs were growing

Sadly, testosterone starts to decline from the age of 35, ironically not all men experience this decline, they are able. To maintain their testosterone levels all through their lives.

Typically, the old randy men who still chase young girls you hear about

Epimedium leaf extract: Discovered by goat readers who observed that their male goats would suddenly become overly sexual active after eating a particular leaf

A typical male goat would mate at least 5 female goats spontaneously after eating this leaf

Upon testing, it was discovered that Epimedium contains a phytoestrogen called icariin which boosts testosterone production level in the body by boosting nitric oxide. Click here to learn more.

Find out more about Vigrx Plus

My experience with epimedium is somewhat two-sided;

On one hand yes I did experience an increase in libido, but on the other hand, it gave me slight headaches

Epimedium is a hot herb, according to Ayurveda that’s pitta type, although am a Vata pitta type

Vata is cool, pitta hot, so the solution I discovered was to take epimedium with a cooling herb like asparagus racemous or marshmallow root

Note: if you find vigrx plus to hot for you or it makes you feel nausea;

Just take with either asparagus racemous also known as Shatavari or marshmallow root or both

You can get them in powder form from Amazon;

Add half to a full teaspoon to warm or room temperature water, stir and take with the vigrx plus pill

It will reduce the hotness of the formula

So viola, no more headaches;

Anyways vigrx plus contains a rich dose of epimedium leaf extract to get your testosterone production firing on all cylinders


On a physical level, to perform the activity of sex, you need strength and stamina. This is especially true for men.

Likewise, there are women who are physically active to in bed, while most just prefer to lay down like a log of wood. What’s the fun in that, I like me a responsive woman.

I am privileged to have an active partner, but for ego reasons, LOL! I always like to be the active one, flexing and stunting, trying to prove a point.

Ginseng: As adaptogen which has been around for thousands of years and made popular by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ginseng is known to:

  • Reduce stress in the body
  • Nourish the kidney to increase your strength and vitality

My experience with ginseng so far has been remarkable, it gives me energy quite alright;

But what I really like about ginseng is the warm pleasure and feeling it gives me

I can feel my penis warm, the tip most especially and this makes orgasm and ejaculation mind-blowing and pleasurable

Ginseng is a hot herb too, use it with a cool herb like Shatavari or Marshmallow root if it gives you a headache or fussy feeling

Prostate Health

If you find yourself constantly having to get up in the middle of the night to pee many times, you might have prostate problems

Men health problems like prostate cancer or enlargement is common among older men and it’s a sex life killer

Why I love Vigrx Plus is because it does not just contain one herb that can help you with prostate health;

It contains two clinical tried herbs namely

  1. Saw Palmetto and
  2. Muira Puama

Other notable herbs for prostate health include

  • Nettle root
  • Pygeum bark
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Shepherds purse

We have looked at Muira Puama under blood boosting, but it also supports prostate health as well

Saw Palmetto: The most referenced herb for prostate health next to Stinging Nettle Root, a little research has been done on it. Click here to find out more.

After taking Saw Palmetto for over 12 days, I realized that I literally stopped waking up in the middle of the night to pee and:

Also, I used to pee a lot which may be another symptom of Prostate problem

It meant my bladder wasn’t emptying properly, luckily that also stopped while taking Saw Palmetto

Even as I write this I only take Saw Palmetto occasionally and do not really experience the symptoms I used to before


I take Saw Palmetto with Schizandra berry, its great for hardcore performance in bed

So the Vigrx Plus formula is a complete blend of 6 factors that contributes to the overall performance

Check it out Now!!!

Vigrx Plus Ingredients Label


Customer Reviews

I checked all over the internet to find out what real users were saying about Vigrx Plus and not just testimonials from their site

vigrx plus amazon review-min

vigrx plus amazon review 2-min

vigrx plus amazon reviews 3-min

vigrx plus amazon review 4-min

vigrx plus customer reviews-min

vigrx plus customer reviews 2-min

vigrx plus customer reviews 3-min

vigrx plus customer reviews 4-min


Why Should You Consider Vigrx Plus?

But really! Why would you want to consider Vigrx Plus over other Male Enhancement Supplements available in the market today?

Here are 3 solid reasons why!!!

1. It is made using a clinically engineered formula that has gone through an independent trial on men and:

Is endorsed by the medical community.

2. It contains the maximum optimized dosage to give you the effective benefits of each ingredient in the formula,

That’s why it’s a bit more expensive than most.

Other brands contain fewer doses and use fillers or additives even to the extent of adding harmful ingredients you will find in Generic Viagra

3. It gives you the highest absorption rate because it contains Bioperine which is extracted from Black Pepper;

A substance clinically proven to increase the absorption of other ingredients or herbs it is added to.

that formula by up to 90%:

While formulas without Bioperine will get only as much as 40-50% absorption rate

All these put together will help:

  • Boost your nitric oxide levels to you stronger better erections
  • Promote the supply of oxygen, increase blood flow and nerve impulses to your penis for long-lasting performance
  • Boost testosterone levels for more sex drive
  • Give you orgasms and ejaculations that are warm and sexually pleasurable
  • Remove nervousness, fatigue to make you sleep better for better overall health

Is Vigrx Plus FDA Approved?

On their website, it clearly states that “these claims have not been evaluated by the food and drug board” but then;

Since most herbal and natural products are put on the FDA back burner list

I did run a search through the list of banned male sex pills by the FDA and Vigrx Plus was not listed as banned or unsafe

Furthermore, a 2012 study on Vigrx Plus carried out by the US National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine was published in Pubmed Central as

“Evaluation of a multi-herb supplement for erectile dysfunction: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study” stated that:

“Vigrx Plus did not contain any detectable levels of known PDE5 inhibitors including Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil or related analogue”

So the bottom line is that Vigrx Plus is safe. Check it Out

Clinical Studies and Results

One of the most important criteria you should evaluate when deciding on a health supplement s clinical trials and results

This is Vigrx Plus’s strongest advantage, unlike most male sex pills which rely on 3rd party independent tests done herbs individually;

Vigrx Plus takes it a step further

Leading Edge Health, makers of Vigrx Plus and other successful health supplement brands like

  • Genf20 Plus
  • Provestra
  • ProSolutions Pills etc did a trial on men.


They hired an independent clinical lab called Vedic Lifesciences PVT LTD. The test group consisted of 75 men and lasted for a period of 84 days.

Half of the men from ages 25 to 50 were given Vigrx Plus and the other half a placebo. The results came out in a 56-page report with the following.


vigrx results-min

vigrx results 2-min

Growth Chart

vigrx plus growth chart-min

Before and After Results Pictures


Before and After pictures show how easy it is to get a bigger penis with VigRX Plus.

A picture is proof that it’s possible, and you don’t have to go through any scary male enhancement or premature ejaculation surgery and worry that you’ll limp out of the surgery with a penis that can’t stand up.

An all-natural solution called VigRX Plus makes your sex life more active so that you and your partner can have sex all night every day.

When you take this new male enlargement pill, you will have more stamina and more energy during and after you have sex.

It meets all of your sexual needs and keeps you going hard. And the best part is that you always have control over your orgasms and erections, which is great.

Many doctors have also recommended this product after it was tested for size gains in clinical trials.

In fact, this is one of the things that makes this penis enlargement pill one of the best on the market.

Results from VigRX Plus can vary from man to man, but there are some proven results from clinical tests of these male enlargement pills.

Vigrx Plus Before & After Pics

Take a look at these before and after images posted by real users of Vigrx Plus, this will give you an idea of how powerful Vigrx Plus is in improving overall male enhancement from size down to performance in the bedroom



Find out more now. Click Here

Side Effects

In my in-depth research on the product, I found no documented side effects;

But in my personal opinion based on experience using most of the ingredients, I can say the following

1. You may experience increased heart rate or high blood pressure of you have a history of any heart-related problems.


Herbs like Hawthorn Berry, and Gingko Biloba, are known to increase heart rate because:

They work on blood circulation which has to do with the heart

So best you consult your doctor before taking such herbs or supplements containing them if you have any heart-related issues or history

2. You may experience signs of nausea or internal heat.


Herbs like Ginseng, Catuaba Bark, and Saw Palmetto are hot or warming herbs, such herbs warm the body and is good for people who have a cold body constitution,

Such people are referred to as Vata types according to Ayurveda Medicine

I learned it the hard way, now you do not have to go through it. I would feel so sick after taking most herbs and would always wonder why?

Well, am a Vata Pitta type, Pitta types have hot or warm body constitution and need cooling herbs to balance them off. Vata types have a cold body constitution and need warm or hot herbs to balance them.

But in reality, we all have the three, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha also referred to as the dosha. The only difference is that one or two is always more dominant.

For me, I am a Vata dominant type with a little Pitta and less to no Kapha


Balance herbs according to their energies, for me I take warm and cooling herbs together to strike the balance for my body

So if you experience hotness or nausea conditions with Vigrx Plus, just hop on Amazon ad order Marshmallow Root and Licorice Powder

Pour 1/4 teaspoon of each into warm water or room temperature water, stir and drink with the Vigrx Plus Pill.

It will balance out all the hot energies in the formula

Potential Drug Interaction Warming

1. Vigrx Plus is not to be taken with antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications.

2. Also, not advisable for you if you have a blood clotting disorder

3. Not suitable for men with a history of neurological issues like stroke or severe depression.

4. Avoid if constipated.

The Best Place to Buy

Where to Buy Vigrx Plus in Stores

Now, you may be thinking, where can I buy vigrx plus near me? Places or Stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon would readily come to mind.

Personally, I would feel more comfortable buying health supplements directly from the source or manufacturer to avoid fakes

Today, Amazon has 1000s of sellers who source products from all over the world with China being the biggest source of supply

Plus, you also get sellers who aren’t so ethical, although Amazon does a great job trying to make the platform safe for buyers

There’s just s much that goes unnoticed until buyers start filling complaints, that’s if they ever take the time to. Just my thought.

Website of the Manufacturer

Best to buy directly from the manufacturer’s site to avoid issues, plus Vigr Plus has:

  • A user-friendly site
  • Free shipping on select orders
  • Discreet order payment details to avoid exposing your orders to your partner or whoever
  • Totally secured site which has been perfected over a decade
  • Phone order option

Two other benefits think you may like also is that

  1. There’s an authenticity code on the product for you to verify and
  2. There’s a customer service number you can call anytime for inquires

Buy directly from the manufacturer’s website Now

Other Products to Consider

Why other products? Well, no product is perfect, this review is an open one, I am reviewing from the angle of herbs used in male pill formulas, so I can’t be biased to any one product.

Here are other products worth checking out also

Likewise, other than pills, Vigrx has developed other types of male enhancement products like delay wipes that help PE  Vigrx Delay Cream and Spray, and Vigrx Oil

Do you have any experience with any of the herbs used in Vigrx Plus or have you used Vigrx Plus before?

Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

Dave Matters

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