Guys! Do Females Prefer Length or Width for penis size? Well:

According to results from studies and surveys, women prefer different things, for some, they like length, for others girth, some even like curved penis or using dildos while some would prefer men who are more skilled in stroking or using their tongues, etc as opposed to the actual penis size

If i were you, i would stop worrying about my penis size or looks but rather be more open, genuine, and vulnerable. I believe that if the woman you are with makes fun of you because of your penis size then you have the perfect yardstick to know who not to be with

I doubt penis size would be an issue, even though your partner may consider it but afterall your partner loves other things about you which compelled her to sleep with you, personality is the most important thing here.

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So Let’s Dive Deep…LOL!!!

What Do The Studies Say?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published an article whose survey on just 323 women results revealed that women who preferred bigger penis length were more likely to have an orgasm if they engaged in intercourse with a man who had a longer penis than average

A study was also carried out by researchers from the department of psychiatry at the Univerity of California and the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico, the study used 33 three dimensional full-sized models rather than photos to get female preferences for penis size in length and width

Two scenarios were used studied to get the women’s preferences:

  • A one-off sexual intercourse and
  • A long term sexual relationship

According to the results:

Women favored a larger than average penis size for a one-time sexual encounter than for a long term sexual relationship but in both circumstances, the women still preferred a slightly larger penis

For a one-time casual sexual encounter, a penis measuring 6.4 inches long and 5 inches in width is very ok. But, for a longer sexual relationship, a penis size of 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in the breadth was the norm.

The Penis size of the Average American Male is 5.6 inches

This matches the standard penis size of men in less than 15 nations of the world

How Big a Penis Size can a Woman’s Vagina Accommodate?

The vagina is tube-like with walls of wrinkled cells or tissues that lie on top of each other, they a flexible and can stretch to accommodate something to enter into and out of it. Things like a baby during birth, fingers, tampons, and penis.

When a woman is not sexually aroused, her vagina is just about 2-4 inches deep and if she is aroused, her vagina can stretch from up 4 to 8 inches deep

When she is aroused, blood fills up her vagina tissues to form a circle around the vagina’s mouth. During penetration, a woman will feel the pressure in the erect tissues of her vaginal walls which gives sensational pleasures

The vagina also has nerve endings which are stimulated due to the movement of the penis in and out hitting the clitoris by building up pressure

So, therefore, it is very easy to see why women would enjoy a bigger girth size than length size

Length Vs Girth: Most Women Prefer…

According to studies, women prefer girth over length size

Girth is more preferable because:

A penis wider in size gives more clitoral stimulation than length, the vagina though shallow has an average size of 4 inches in depth. Sexual stimulation for women happens close to the sidewalls of the vagina that’s why men who can stroke during sex would stimulate women more.

This concludes that girth is more effective when it comes to stimulating the walls of the female vagina

Having a 9-inch long penis dangling between your knees with no big girth size is basically useless because little to no stimulation may happen to her ovaries or you only end up hurting the woman

Girth is and would always be more important

The female’s clits is shaped like a wishbone with the clitoris head having nerve endings that are split on both side of the tissues of the vaginal wall, this tissue which is known as erectile tissue covers mostly the initial half to a full inch of the vaginal entrance

So it’s obvious to conclude that penis girth gives more pleasure to a woman than length, but women won’t enjoy it if the girth is too big either

Now let’s look at it this way, the size of an adult male is about 5 inches long when erect and around 4.5 inches in width or girth, from the survey women, prefer a girth of 4.8 to 5.5 inches or around half the size of a can of soda. A can of soda is 9 inches girth

On the flip side there are ladies who are “Size Queens”, some like both length and girth together while some prefer either length or girth

There are also differences in sexual preferences among women, some may prefer a longer penis size for oral sex than girth, as for vaginal sex they would prefer girth over length

As for anal sex, most if not all women would prefer normal penis size

To grow penis girth is easier than length, at the price range of 3-6k a reputable plastic surgeon can get the job done by taking body fat that has been purified and injecting the molds around the penis

After the surgery you won’t be able to touch or use your penis for about 6-8 weeks, you will look quite extremely hung in the first weeks but later the fats will dissolve by up to 45%

Following the doctors’ direction will leave you with anywhere from 1 to 2 inches in girth size, with this addition if you are previously average size, you would now be in the class of men with big penis size who can seriously hurt a woman so thread cautiously

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Length Can Hurt But Not Girth

Girth is preferable again because:

Penis length size can hurt and there really isn’t anything deep inside the vagina that can be aroused. On the flip side, a fat cock touches the corners and lips of the vagina where it is most sensitive

The ideal penis size is about 6-7 inches in length and a girth of 3 inches

Is Penis Length more Important than Girth?

It’s safe to say that penis length is not the ultimate thing when it comes to penis size, 5-6 inches of length is very ok and sufficient for all women

A very long penis can reach the cervix and cause very unpleasant pain and damage.

Also, most women prefer it when a man’s penis can conveniently fill up their vagina because vaginas aren’t as deep as most would think

Did you know that the average depth of a vagina is just 3-6 inches long?

I wouldn’t be bothered about the length of my penis if i was you, rather focus on your penis girth or width as it is more important than length. Women would rather have a shorter fatter penis than a slim long one

You may be wondering if vaginas are built for fat penis sizes!!!

Yes vaginas are elastic and flexible enough to stretch for a very thick penis, most women prefer to feel filled up with a fat dick because they are more likely to hit and stimulate their G Spot

For longer penis sizes, the deeper they go in the less stimulating it gets, women usually only feel the pleasure or sensations at the mouth of their vagina at 2-3 inches

So diving too deep is of no use to a woman’s nerve endings, you will only hit her cervix and that’s an awful experience if you ask any woman

A woman’s G Spot is mostly found around 5-8 centimeters on the upper wall of their vagina

The two most accessible sex positions that can allow a man’s penis to stimulate a woman’s G Spot are Doggie style and Reverse Cowgirl

Not all women orgasm from vaginal penetration sex, just about 20-25% of women can really orgasm without the stimulation of their clitoris

So you should focus on the female clitoris, you can use sex toys on her while you are penetrating her vagina or you have her use the sex toy on herself while you are inside her

If you can give her a G Spot and clitoral orgasm, she would love you more, if she likes anal why not penetrate her while she uses a vibrator inside her vagina. The sensation will be exhilarating for you both

Open communication is key when it comes to you both having a pleasurable sexual experience

Do Women Care About Size Really? curled lips-min

I scouted the web to get opinions from women on if they really cared about penis size and why. Here are the results

Saumya Gupta said

She knows most men would say size doesn’t matter to make themselves feel OK but in reality size really does matter. Furthermore, she says that if you ask any guy if women’s breast size matters they would definitely say yes then why can’t women also say penis size matters

To her:

Bigger is better

Men love big breasted ladies, bigger breasts make men have harder erections likewise bigger penis size in terms of length and girth makes sex more pleasurable for women

She goes further to say that, it doesn’t mean women like horse-sized dicks, personally 8-10 inches for her is the mark, it would give both pain and pleasure because penis size like that starts to cause a tear in the vagina and won’t give any intense orgasms even though it touches every nerve ending possible

On the flip side, big breasts look and feel good but giant breasts are somewhat useless, most women going for breast transplant usually end up regretting it because the natural feel of a breast cannot be comparable to a silicon

Rik Wal said:

  • Few dicks look like a Boeing 737 and some are as big as a Boeing 777
  • Few dicks like an Airbus A320 and some as big as an Airbus A380
  • Few dicks are like small chartered airplanes and some are like fighter jets

This should give you a few basics on how to compare penis sizes. In the first line

she says

A small fighter jet is faster than an Airbus A380

So penis size here doesn’t much.

But comparing based on comfort, an Airbus A380 would be much more comfortable than a fighter jet

Do i need to explain more?

So it all comes own to the personal taste and preferences of each woman where she prefers a fighter jet over an Airbus A380 or Boeing 777

She concludes by saying these are her views from watching adult moves

Yvette Renshy said:

She doesn’t like to be picky but its indeed a factor, she prefers not too small or big either, her mouth isn’t that big

Bridget McCrea said:

Really large guys hurt women, forget what you see in the porn movies, most porn actresses have practiced hours of stretching and taking large penis sizes to be able to comfortably do it on screen effortlessly

A large penis man would need to take things slow and steady and not use force, its a possibilty that large men would find compatible lovers more than huge men even though their loves would still experience pain when starting out

If you are below average then it isn’t about size anymore but rather about how you use it, whether thick, short, long, thin, know how to use what you have got, most women really don’t care. Even if you have a big penis it doesn’t matter if you can’t learn how to last longer in bed and use it correctly.

Chetna Khanna said:

Anything above 4 inches in penis length is similar because thats how deep a woman’s vagina is, Girth makes penis fit nicely in a vagina, the thicker the penis the more fitting and sesnational it is

Wesley Paris said:

Yes Penis size matters

While some girls like mid sized penis, others like bigger penis, it would take a lot of bed skills to make a small penis enjoyable and most women can make it work

Giverny Lewis said:

It’s just a matter of it is not what you have but rather how to use what you have, lots of men whose penis are average sizes are very skilled when it comes to lovemaking. The key is in finding the techniques that work for both you and your partner most especially when it comes to sex positions

You may realize that you can get better sensation and penetration from doggy style or cowgirl or standing style

People find joy in experimenting with various positions especially when both partners agree on finding out what works for them both

The vagina is flexible able to be able to accommodate the penis size especially when a woman knows how to work her pelvic floor and muscles at this point even sex with men who have small penis size can be pleasurable

Personally, growers are more appealing to me because there is something very spectacular about watching a man’s penis growing larger and harder right in front of you.

Women don’t really orgasm from penetration but rather from clitoris stimulation so don’t bother yourself too much about your penis length

Having a skilled tongue or mouth and hands is golden

In Conclusion

Women prefer larger penis for casual one-off or one night sex

But for real long term relationships they prefer average sized comfortable penis sizes for frequent sex. In reality bigger penis sizes are only good for amusements but aren’t practical for normal routine sex because

They take long to warm up before penetration

  • Are hard to handle
  • Cause sore vagina
  • Reduces sex frequency because the woman tries to avoid sex
  • Can cause infections like yeast due to irritation

The advantages of a bigger penis size

  • Deeper friction
  • Deep uterine orgasms
  • Visually appealing to look at

The advantages of Average size penis size include

  • Easy to handle
  • More sex
  • Perfect size for oral, vagina and oral sex
  • No sore jaw during oral sex
  • Ease of hitting the G spot
  • Can penetrate easily without long warm-ups

Relationships along the line end up with women giving excuses to stop having sex because a man has a larger than average penis size, its best to have an average size penis that easily slips in

Also men do have higher than normal sex drives, if you have high testosterone levels you would be horny always

What’s The Best Penis Size?

Kevin Cox Says

Maybe 7 inches sounds just right. Well my one is and am happy. But as one says it’s not the size it’s how u use it that matters.

George Spelvin Says

The best is one that your partner is comfortable with and brings the greatest amount of pleasure to both of you.

Andrew Fox Says

As per science women prefer 6.5 inch length for long and 7 for one-night stands.

As per my experience some women just don’t stop craving my 9-inch cock.

So it depends from person to person

Riley Miller says

Women do not normally know the measurements of a man’s penis. It’s not good etiquette to have a ruler in bed with you

Dave Matters

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