It’s no doubt that sex with an alpha sends women waves of pleasure, as an alpha male if you are doing it right sexually, you can expect to get the following signs from women

  • They will always initiate sex with you all the time
  • Willingness to give you blowjobs
  • Always willing to try new experiences with you
  • Might allow you to have anal sex if that’s your thing
  • Bondage and domination will be a no brainer for her
  • She won’t mind having sex in public

Moving on, you should know that sex isn’t just a physical activity, it is the physical expression of mental energy

Let’s look at 5 things women expect during sex with an alpha

sex with an alpha-min

Note: Even if you are, not an alpha male using these tips would transform you into an alpha during sex.

Really, it’s best to be a beta male out of bed and an alpha in bed, women will absolutely kill to have you for life

Be Bold & Dominant in Bed

According to studies and research, it is clear that women willingly want to surrender to a strong, sexual alpha male.

Ever wondered why the movie and novel 50 shades of grey was such a big hit? It portrayed the inner workings of women when it comes to sex

Create an atmosphere and aura that would make women want to surrender and submit to domination. When you have a dominant mindset of letting her submit, you will both enjoy better hotter sex than you have ever experienced

Be Constantly Learning & Evolving

You should read and soak up information about different angles for penetration and how it affects different sensitive spots for her. Learn various techniques on how to stimulate the clit, best toys to use, how to touch her body, different thrust rhythms and so much more

Becoming a master at this will allow you to give her mind-blowing experiences that will leave her begging for more.

Master the Art of Mentally Programming both of you’s Desires into a Physical Act

In doing this you will need to have the attitude, behavior, and technique of legendary sexual mastery which can be interpreted as desire, dominance, and variety.

Tap into her desires by unleashing your own desires on her dominantly and offer various fantasies and you would be surprised what she turns into under the sheets

Emotional Connection

You have to learn how to unleash the natural attractive traits that will trigger her sexually to desire you. It’s not just about the way you have sex with her, but the energy behind your actions.

When you have a desire for her and she has a desire for you, both of you will share an emotional connection irrespective of if the sex is sweet, and gentle, or rough. The strong emotional connection will make it mind-blowing

Let Your Lust Run Wild in the Bedroom

Let go of your inner inhibitions, fears, or worries. Stop thinking about what you should do and how you should do it, there are no right or wrong ways

Unleash your animalistic desire to want her, women are programmed to be wanted sexually, so the raw attraction in her mind plus your masculine desire will drive her pleasure senses through the roof

Forget the Feminine Agenda Propaganda

Despite what you may think, women still have the primal urge to surrender to men they are attracted to and to be used by men’s desire as long as you are not scared to unleash your desires on her, she will feel safe to unleash her own desires

Master the Art of Helping her Overcome Her Insecurities

We all have insecurities both men and women, you would be surprised how much more women feel so insecure even the hot looking women

To help her overcome her insecurities is to ignore your own insecurities as a man fearlessly, a good way to do this is to stop worrying about what she may think or say, just do what desires come to mind (although you wouldn’t want to do what you yourself see as gross or unpleasant)

So your role as an alpha male is to lead her to feel safe in her desire through your own strong desire to the point where she trusts you completely to serve you unconditionally and you showing her you are safe in your desire for her will allow her to reciprocate

What is your experience being an alpha during sex, please feel free to share in the comment below

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