Being a virgin can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to sex. How long will you last? What if you don’t please your partner? These are all valid concerns, but there is hope!

With the right preparation and mindset, lasting longer in bed for virgins doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. In this article, we’ll cover different tips that any virgin can use to make sure their first time lasts as long as possible. From understanding your body and setting the mood to using distraction techniques and trying different positions – At ShagLonger we have explored how virgins can last longer in bed with confidence. Let’s take a look at our best tips and tricks for you!

First, Understand Your Body

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, understanding your body is key. It’s important to know the basics of male anatomy, including the physiology of arousal and ejaculation.

For men, arousal begins with physical stimulation such as touch or visual cues. This causes blood flow to increase in the penis, resulting in an erection. As a man becomes more aroused, his heart rate increases and he may experience muscle tension throughout his body. When he reaches orgasm, semen is released from the penis through contractions of muscles at the base of the penis.


It is important to note that masturbation and self-exploration can play a crucial role in becoming a better communicator and lover to another person. Before engaging in sexual activity with a partner, it is beneficial for individuals to take the time to map out their own pleasure through self-pleasure.

This can help alleviate performance anxiety as the individual will have a better understanding of what they like and don’t like in terms of pleasure. Masturbation and self-exploration can also improve sexual communication and intimacy with a partner, as individuals can express their desires and boundaries with more confidence and clarity.

Encouraging the sexually inexperienced to prioritize self-pleasure can be an important step in promoting healthy and satisfying sexual experiences. This can help alleviate performance anxiety as the person now has a better understanding of what they like and don’t like in terms of pleasure

Understanding your body is key to lasting longer in bed, so it’s important to be aware of how your body works and what techniques you can use to help you last longer. Now let’s look at some tips and tricks to help the more sexually inexperienced last longer in bed.

Set the Mood

Creating the right atmosphere is essential for lasting longer in bed. It’s important to ensure that you and your partner feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. This will help reduce any anxiety or performance pressure that can cause premature ejaculation.

Start by making sure the room is at a comfortable temperature. Dimming the lights or lighting some candles can also help create a more intimate setting. Make sure there are no distractions like phones ringing, people talking outside, etc. Soft music playing in the background may also help set a romantic mood while helping block out other noises around you.

Finally, take time before beginning intercourse to kiss and caress each other; foreplay increases arousal levels gradually, which helps delay ejaculation when penetration finally occurs.

Setting the mood is essential for any sexual experience, especially your first sexual encounter. Now let’s move on to how to physically last longer during sex.


Try Different Positions

While some positions may be more stimulating than others, certain ones can help you last longer. Let’s dive into the top positions to last longer in bed.


This is can help a man last longer if they control the situation and movement with the girl on top. By holding your hands around her waist you can control the pace and slow down when you feel that urge coming. It can allow you to take breaks when needed.

Note: Be careful when in this position, if you just lay there and let the girl take complete control (which is also enjoyable) but you won’t be able to control the motions and it could trigger you early.


Spooning is another great position for the sexually inexperienced that want to last longer in bed, as it limits movement and provides less stimulation than other positions do. It also allows both partners to remain close together which helps create an intimate connection between them.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is often seen as boring but it can actually be quite beneficial for those with PE or ED issues since they have more control over their thrusts and speed while still providing enough stimulation for both partners.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a great way to get deeper penetration without having to worry about your partner getting overly stimulated too quickly or feeling like they’re doing all the work in terms of thrusting power – plus it’s incredibly pleasurable! However, if you find yourself reaching orgasm sooner than desired then try slowing down your thrusts or taking breaks throughout intercourse until you feel comfortable continuing again at a slower pace.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

These are two variations on traditional cowgirl that allow each partner to maintain control over their own movements while still enjoying deep penetration and plenty of pleasure due to its unique angles. These positions are ideal for those looking for ways how to last longer in bed naturally without using any pills or sprays.

Don’t think that once you start penetrative sex you just have to try those sex positions. You can mix it up and take a break, by giving and receiving oral sex.

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Note: It’s also important to use lubrication if needed – not only does it make things smoother but it can actually increase sexual pleasure for both parties involved!

Masturbation and self-pleasure

When it comes to lasting longer in bed masturbation and self-pleasure can be valuable tools. By exploring one’s own body and understanding what brings pleasure, men can learn to control their arousal and ejaculation.

Focusing on pleasure rather than performance: When engaging in self-pleasure, focus on the pleasure you are feeling rather than trying to get to orgasm as quickly as possible. This can help to train your body to better control arousal and delay ejaculation.

It’s important to remember that every person is different and what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s good to experiment and find what works best for you.

Practice Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are a great way for men to improve their sexual performance and last longer in bed. Kegels can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for controlling ejaculation and maintaining erections. By doing regular kegel exercises, men can gain better control over their ejaculations and achieve stronger erections.

Benefits of Doing Kegels:

One of the main benefits of doing Kegel exercises is that they can help you last longer during sex by improving your ability to control when you ejaculate. Additionally, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can also lead to improved blood flow throughout the body, resulting in harder and longer-lasting erections. This is extra beneficial to anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction.

The squeeze technique

Start engaging in sexual activities and arousing the penis as soon as you feel ready to ejaculate. The head and shaft of your penis can then be squeezed by either you or your companion. Squeeze for a few seconds more till the urge to ejaculate disappears. We have created a full guide on the squeeze technique in a separate post.

Lifestyle Changes

Most people focus on what you can do in the bedroom to help their performance and sex life. But taking good care of your body on a day-to-day basis can help delay orgasms and improve your sex life. Here are a few ways to do that:

Note: There are specific foods and drinks you can take to help last longer in bed

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In conclusion, it is important to remember that everyone’s experience with sex is different and there are many ways to last longer in bed for virgins. It may take some practice and experimentation to find what works best for you, but the key is to be patient and open-minded.

With a little bit of effort, you can learn how to last longer during sex so that your first time will be enjoyable for both partners. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about losing your virginity or lasting longer in bed, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from a trusted source such as a doctor or sexual healthcare provider.

Are you a virgin looking for ways to last longer in bed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our sexual wellness site is dedicated to helping people last longer in bed and make sex more enjoyable.

Jocelyn Padilla, Certified Sex Educator

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