How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally as a Guy

by Dave Matters, Last Updated on: July 8, 2021
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Guys! Ready to last longer during sex and have her tap out?


This guide contains my tested and proven tips, pills, and strategies that can transform your bed game in 2021 and beyond


Before we dive in;

If your sex life sucks because you can’t last longer in bed, it can be frustrating as a man because there’s nothing that shows more masculinity to a woman than a man who lasts long during sex

Studies show that it takes a man an average of 4 minutes from the beginning of sex to ejaculation while it takes women an average of 10-11 minutes to climax or orgasm

So you can imagine the frustration on her face when you are done and she’s just getting warmed up.

So if you have ever experienced situations where your partner is trying to get you to go again but you just can’t, then this guide will help you last longer in bed and she won’t need you to go again

Sometimes she may be the one to tell you she has had enough, boy! that would make you feel like you have just conquered the world.

how to last longer in bed naturally as a guy-min

Let’s Go!

Tested & Proven Home Remedies to Last Longer in Bed

Desensitize your Penis: Your Penis is Sensitive by Nature

Your penis is a sensitive organ that gives a lot of pleasure during sex, it has many nerve endings which makes it sensitive and its most sensitive part is the skin flap on the underside of your penis just below the urethral meatus (where you urinate)

How can you make your Penis less Sensitive?

There are herbal male enhancement creams and oils you can use to reduce sensitivity, we will talk about them much later. But if you want to get right into it now, you can check out Vigrx Oil and ProSolution Gel

But for now, let’s look at 2 simple exercises you can use to reduce your penis sensitivity starting from now

Jelqing or Milking Exercise

Although a penis enlargement exercise, it is very helpful in reducing sensitivity because it reduces the friction and response of the nerve endings of the penis

If you do this simple exercise for a very long period of time, it will make your penis longer, strong, and numb (less sensitive). I recommend making this an after shower habit to ensure consistency

How should you do it?

1. First warm up your penis, this is very important to open up the tissues of your penis and to relax it as well to avoid soreness

2. To warm up, dip your towel into hot water for a few seconds, let it soak up, squeeze the water off and wrap the towel around your penis covering it completely and firmly.

3. Do this a few times until you feel your penis is warm enough

4. Take any oil of your choice, preferably olive or coconut oil. Pour a little on your palms and rub them together for a few seconds to generate heat

5. Pull your penis outwards, join your thumb and index finger (the finger next to your thumb) together to make an OK sign

6. Start from the base of your penis and squeeze down to the cap, please do not extend to the cap, stop at the edge of the cap

7. Do this 300 times a day, 50 times downwards, 50 times upward, 50 times to the left and another 50 to the right

Here’s a video that explains better

Massage Your Testicles

After you are done with the penis, massage your balls also to reduce the sensitivity that happens during sperm formation that leads to ejaculation.

The less sensitive your balls are during that process, the longer it will take to release sperm from your testicles

To do this:

1. Pour little oil on your palms, rub it together to heat up, and massage each ball gently. You would feel very sharp tingling sensations and an urge to stop, don’t just continue gently

2. If you do not really understand how to do the jelqing method as explained, here is a video you can watch for more understanding

Get Rid of your Over Excitement and ImpatienceHow to last longer in bed naturally as a guy

This is an often-overlooked issue because most don’t see it as a problem, really it might not actually be a problem but it is an issue you need to address if you do not last long in bed

Every organ in our body is connected to the brain and messages are being sent back and forth, likewise, the penis, when it transmits too much dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in the form of over excitement to the brain:

The brain gets overstimulated and sends back a response that the penis cannot handle, then ejaculation happens

Now i get the over-excitement bit, how does impatience come into all this?

Impatience prepares the way for over-excitement, when you approach a thing without patience, you quickly get to the bottom of it and miss out on so many details.

So impatience leads to over-excitement that takes you to the level of heightened sensations quicker than the expected or required time.

This heightened sensation level is supposed to be built up slowly, you build the momentum towards the end, not in the beginning

How do you overcome this?

By taking it nice and easy

Your approach towards sex should be much more than fun, see it as a form of bonding with your partner and not just for pleasure only.

This can be very difficult for men, unlike women who are programmed to approach sex as a form of bonding.

If you notice, women always take time to get aroused during sex because their feelings have to be evoked but not so for men.

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common problem among men especially those who are addicted to porn or men who are experiencing porn addiction withdrawal symptoms

Why and how is this so?

When you watch porn, it alters your brain chemistry and physiology to create false perception and artificial sensory pleasure which leads to beliefs like

  • There’s always a better performance and pleasure than what you are already experiencing
  • Women squealing and screaming is a sign of great sex
  • Abnormal long duration of sex is the accepted level of performance

All three perceptions are false effects of outcomes that have been scripted and wired into the brain and have created high dopamine levels that can never be reached naturally

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So whenever men try to achieve these levels of dopamine during real sex, they get so frustrated to the point of anxiety that leads to quick ejaculation

Moreover, there are men who don’t suffer from porn-related performance anxiety issues but suffer from stress about sex viewed as performance that is being judged and criticized by the opposite sex.

This always lead such men

  • To be self-conscious about themselves during sex
  • Self-critical about their performance
  • To be worried over nothing
  • To be tense and anxious during sex

How to overcome Performance Anxiety

Practice a Mindset Shift

By identifying the limiting beliefs you have about sexual performance, for example, do you often feel or think you and your partner won’t enjoy sex if you do not perform well?

Guess what? You won’t perform well, so to change this, come up with a constructive attitude statement to cancel the limiting belief like

“If i focus on the feelings, experiences, and pleasant sensations regardless of what my penis does, I and partner can enjoy sex together”

Make it a habit to slow down and take quick breaks when the sensations build up a lot, use that opportunity to change your sex style

We have been blessed with the gifts of plants by God, so use mind-calming herbs to overcome anxiety, relax your mind and be in the moment.

The penis is connected to the brain, so as long as your brain is relaxed and in control, you will last longer in bed.

Next, let’s look at some herbs that can help relax your mind, body, and soul to help you overcome performance anxiety

Use Natural Herbs to Last Longer in Bed

how to last longer in bed naturally as a guy

Just about three of the herbs listed here are mind-calming herbs which are

  1. Damiana Leaf,
  2. Chinese skullcap and
  3. Avena Sativa;

The rests are herbs for improving sexual performance and increasing testosterone levels

Tongkat Ali, one of the most powerful male enhancement herb also known as Malaysian Ginseng, of all types of ginseng available today it’s the most potent for making men last longer in bed. It is used in most male sex pills because of its testosterone boosting properties

Terrestris Tribulus, another popular male herb among athletes and sexually active men. It is proven to be a great testosterone booster like Tongkat Ali but studies haven’t proven this rather, studies show it gives men long-lasting sexual abilities and muscle building

Catuaba Bark Extract, a natural remedy derived from the bark of trees in the Brazillian forests, it is used to increase sexual arousal and boost sexual performance. Studies also show that it can improve memory and mood as well

Damiana Leaf, a wild plant that grows in Central America, Mexico to be precise, is used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire, treat depression, cure headaches, ease nervous stomach and constipation. It is also proven to increase both mental and physical stamina in sexual performance

Avena Sativa, a mind-calming herb also good for reducing cholesterol, heart health. Like Territris it has the ability to boost testosterone levels by improving the release of luteinizing hormone.

Chinese Skullcap, another mind-calming herb commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat insomnia, inflammation, diarrhea. It is a great antiviral and antibacterial for easing nervous tensions

Muira Puama, another herb from the trees of the Brazillian amazon, used in preventing sexual disorders, great aphrodisiac, and sexual performance enhancer. It’s also useful for other ailments like menstrual disorder, rheumatism and serves as a general tonic and appetite stimulant

Butea Superba, used in Traditional Thai Medicine, the roots is rich in nutrients that improve sexual performance and solve most sexual performance issues like erectile dysfunction

Yohimbe Bark, extract of an African evergreen tree, commonly used for treating erectile dysfunction, although studies show that it causes a lot of side effects so use with caution

Use These Tested & Proven Last Long in Bed PillsLast longer in bed Herbal Pill

We need to understand that there is a difference between getting an erection and lasting longer in bed.

If you do not get this concept you will keep wasting money on supplements and come to the conclusion that male sex pills don’t work

Most male enhancement pills are for getting erections because that’s the major issue men have and are actively looking for solutions to, compared to lasting longer in bed.

Most men are OK with 2 to 4 minutes of sex really, but that’s not good for their partners

Very few male supplements contain herbs or ingredients that can help you last longer in bed, so it’s all about their formulas.

I have listed some herbs above that you should look out for in supplements if you want to last long.

Not to worry, i will also talk about some pills that can help you get erections by pumping and increasing blood flow to your penis and also at the same time helping you sustain that blood flow to keep you harder longer:

Yes up to 20 minutes long at a go

4 Natural Pills to help you Last Longer in Bed

Vigrx Plus, the doctor-endorsed best-selling male enhancement supplement with over 1.2 million boxes sold worldwide.

It contains some of the best clinically tested herbs for men, among them are herbs that can help you last longer in bed and they include

  • Damiana Leaf
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Muira Puama

The other herbs help give hard rock erections and improve prostate health

ProSolution Pill, also a doctor recommended male sex pill to help men experience superior sexual performance. Its formula is targeted towards solving

  • Weak Erections
  • Low Libido Levels
  • Lack of Stamina

So the lack of stamina is what you are interested in, making it a good supplement to last longer in bed thanks to Butea Superba the super male enhancing herb which is a secret ingredient used in the porn industry

Extenze Pill, the # 1 hardcore male enhancement supplement which pro athletes have been banned from using because of its performance enhancement abilities.

It contains one of the most powerful herbs on the planet called Yohimbe. So Powerful it can literally raise up a long-dead penis.

Max Performer, top-performing male sex pill for total sexual performance and pleasure.

Formulated in a blue pill like Viagra to give you the same psychological and physical benefits of enhanced performance without the nasty side effects of using a generic Viagra.

Max performer is the best choice when it comes to

  • Sexual Performance
  • Energy

It will give you the energy you nrrf to keep going until you are satisfied

Of all these pills mentioned, “What Pill Can I Take to Last Longer in Bed

All the pills reviewed above are powerful, but if i had to choose one, it would be Max Performer, because like the name:

It implies Maximum Performance. So if you want to enjoy maximum sexual performance and pleasure, go for Max Performer

On the other hand, if you want to experience overall men health:

Vigrx Plus is also great, it’s formula is a good blend of herbs which complement each other well and supports all aspect of male health, from sexual to prostate health.

Its a balanced male supplement unlike Max performer which is for raw sexual performance and pleasure

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Use a Natural Last Long in Bed Sprayvigrx delay spray-min

If you are like me and would rather not take pills because you may suffer from one or two herbs in any given formula, then you can choose to use sprays instead.

Male Enhancement Sprays are just a topical form of supplements, instead of ingesting, you just apply externally on your penis and the ingredients will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

The skin absorbs anything rubbed on it, so you should be careful what goes on your skin because it goes directly into the bloodstream

The best natural last long spray i would recommend to you is :

Vigrx Delay Spray

A premium quality male enhancement desensitizer spray from the already successful brand Vigrx Plus.

Vigrx Delay Spray is a non-prescription product that is fast-absorbing and effective in helping you last longer in bed because:

It makes your penis less sensitive to the sensations and pleasures of vagina penetration. Check it Out

Rub Creams & Oils on your Penis to Last Longer During Sex

Apart from sprays, there are also creams and oils that can help you last longer in bed. Some of them include

Vigrx Oil, the top men’s topical lubricant for enhanced and long-lasting erections. It offers you almost instant results of what the vigrx plus pill may give you in a week or two, meaning you just apply and get right into action. Find Out More!

ProSoluton Gel, a topical performance enhancement gel that delivers ultimate arousal and gives you control over how long you can last due to its nitric oxide boosting properties. Check it Out Now!

Maxoderm, a topical male enhancer lotion endorsed by leading New York Urologist, Micheal A.Savino M.D, F.A.C.S. Used and loved by men all over the world for erections and lasting long

Eat These Foods to Last Longer in Bedlast longer in bed with the right food

Banana contains natural sugar that increases the glucose level in your body to boost sexual stamina, it is also rich in enzymes and minerals that increase sex drive

Egg, mainly the yolk is a rich source of good cholesterol and high in Vitamin D needed to control calcium levels and boost testosterone production due to its ability to help you grow muscles

Apples, it improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you get rid of prostatitis, an inflammation that affects the prostate gland which may cause discomfort in your testicles and cause pain during ejaculation.

Meat, grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork are rich in the amino acids, L-Arginine, Zinc, and L-Carnitine that boosts blood flow to the penis for better sexual performance and stamina

Red wine, rich in resveratrol a powerful antioxidant, it also contains compounds that release dopamine in the brain

Watermelon, rich in libido-boosting phytonutrients lycopene, citrulline, and beta carotene which helps relax blood vessels in the penis to boost libido

Honey, like banana, contains natural sugars like fructose which boosts energy levels, honey has also been proven to be good for a healthy sex life according to kama sutra

Seafood like oyster is rich in sex essential vitamins that boost energy and libido levels to put you in the mood that can make you last longer

Nuts, like walnuts, peanuts, and tiger nuts are perfect for helping you last longer in bed because they increase blood circulation to your penis thereby boosting your libido and sex drive. Nuts have also been proven to boost sperm count and fertility

Ginger, a popular spice that can spice up your performance in the bedroom, it has been proven to increase blood flow to your penis, so it is a spicy sexual stimulant

Dark chocolate, not only good for women, for men it releases lots of dopamine in the brain, the feel-good hormone that relaxes your nerves and puts you in a sexual mood

Garlic, another spice like ginger but a more powerful aphrodisiac that has been proven to help fight quick ejaculation and lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse

What to Drink to Last Longer in Beddrink to last longer in bed-min

Watermelon Garlic Lime Drink


  • Half watermelon
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 lemon

How to prepare

1. Peel off the back of the watermelon and cut into small chunks (you may choose to remove the seeds or leave them)

2. Pour watermelon chunks into a blender, add the 3 cloves of garlic and little water, then blend until smooth

3. Sieve the juice into a serving glass

4. Squeeze 1 lemon into it and serve

How to take

  • Drink 30 minutes before bedtime at night
  • Also an hour before sex

Honey Egg Milk Drink


  • 1 yolk of raw egg
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 glass of fresh milk

How to prepare

1. Break the egg into a bowl (yolk only)

2. Pour the egg yolk into the glass of milk

3. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir

4. You can add ice cubes

How to take it?

Drink every morning and night

Dates Tigernuts Coconut Drink


  • 3 pieces of dates
  • 1 handful of tigernuts
  • half glass of coconut milk

How to prepare

1. Remove the seeds and cut the dates into bits

2. Add the pieces of dates and the handful of tigernuts into a juicer or high power blender

3. Sieve the juice into a serving glass if you used a blender

4. Pour the coconut milk to the sieved juice and stir well

How to take

Drink every morning and night

Use the 3 Cycle Withdrawal Methodlast longer in bed 3 cycle withdrawal method

This technique is based on the notion that most men can only ejaculate 3 times per session. The idea is to trick your body into ejaculating 3 times by stopping yourself from ejaculating 3 times and after then your testicles won’t go into the production of sperm again

This will help you last longer in bed, but the discipline is to withhold the urge to ejaculate up to 3 times before you can achieve long-lasting performance.

I talk about this method more in my post, “How to stay harder longer without pills” and “How to stay erect for hours in just 7 days

How to do it!

1. During intercourse once you feel the urge to ejaculate, pull out of your partner immediately to stop the sperm from coming out

2. Kill the urge to release sperm by waiting up to 30 seconds, the sperm cycle will reverse

3. Repeat this 2 to 3 times consequently, the 3rd or 4th time you go in, you will last as long as you want because:

Your ejaculation cycle is balanced and your penis will be so hard

Note: Make your partner understand what you are doing so that she can be patient with you because it will pay off

This technique will allow you to go up to an hour without ejaculating because you will be able to control your ejaculation

Do Seman’s Stop & Start Technique also known as Edging

This method simply compliments the 3 cycle withdrawal method, as the name implies you simply just stop and start sex again to control your ejaculation

How to do it!

1. While having sex, when you feel the urge to ejaculate, pull out of your partner immediately and stop all forms of stimulation for 20-30 seconds and start sex again

2. Repeat this over and over again until you are ready to ejaculate

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Do Johnson’s & Master’s Squeeze Technique

This technique helps desensitize the most sensitive part of your penis which is the cap of your penis

How to do it!

1. Enjoy sex as usual until you feel the urge to ejaculate is seconds away

2. Stop sex and pull your penis out

3. Gently squeeze your thumb and forefinger around the part of your penis where the glands meet the shaft

Note: You can have your wife do this for you

4. After squeezing for some seconds, stop all forms of stimulation like kissing and fondling for about 30 seconds before you resume sex again

5. Repeat this often till you are ready to ejaculate

Ejaculate Before Penetration Sex & Make her Climax also

I often noticed that i ejaculate 2-3 mins after penetration, but when i continue to the next round, i can last as long as 40 mins.

This made me think about ejaculating first before penetration during pre-intimacy and this swings both ways.

Women rarely orgasms during penetration sex but can orgasms during oral sex, kissing, fondling, and more

My partner personally orgasms when i take my time to fondle and suck on her breasts, that’s her weak spot

How to do it!

To make this work, you need to satisfy her first

1. Find out her weak spots, this is different for every woman

2. Do more oral sex on her

3. Also receive oral sex and make it a point to ejaculate

Note: Strangely if you don’t get off from receiving oral like i do sometimes then quickly penetrate her to ejaculate before proceeding to the next round

Doing the above steps will help you tremendously in bed

Important note: Studies have shown that most men do not last more than 6 minds during intercourse, so you should not be too bothered to the point of feeling paranoid

Wear a condomlast longer in bed with condom-min

Condoms can help reduce the level of stimulation and pleasure that triggers ejaculation, but i have never been a fan of them.

If this rocks your both then you should use it, some men even wear double condoms, this to me numbs down the whole feeling of sex

But different strokes for different folks, sex might feel indifferent for you whether you wear a condom or not.

Focus your Mind on Something Different during Sex

This is one of my favorite techniques that work so well for me, also being more of a mental person makes this great for me. I mostly live inside my head and:

During sex am an expert at drifting into something else entirely to the point that my partner always has to try to get my attention to stay in the moment with her

Fortunately, she has learned to accept that sometimes although she doesn’t like that, women are emotional especially about sex

Why do this?

I have noticed that whenever i do this (shift my mind away to something else during sex) i usually last very long

Sex is a mind game, your brain receives stimulus and feedback during sex, and when it gets to a point where your brain cannot handle it and it leads to ejaculation

Bottom line: Too much excitement will make you ejaculate faster than you can say, Jack! so the key is to try to focus your mind on something else rather than the pleasure of sex

Avoid Refined Carbs, Sugars & Processed Foods

These foods cause hormonal imbalances in men which can lead to low testosterone levels, this is bad for sexual and overall men’s health

A man was created to live on a vegan diet originally with the exceptions of meats and some good foods though, but our diet today has gone completely GMO and they lack the necessary nutrients needed by the body to function properly

What to do?

Invest in the highest quality supplements to help fuel your body with the nutrients needed

Note: Each time you eat all these processed foods and junk it robs your body of nutrients rather than feed your body

Recommendation: I wholeheartedly recommend Shilajit, it’s a natural substance formed from the ground in the Himalayan mountains and has been used for thousands of years.

Do Styles that are Less Comfortable for you

Yes, this seems weird but i will explain why. When you are comfortable doing anything your brain receives lots of dopamine the feel-good hormone

Too much dopamine to the brain during sex will make you reach your climax faster than you expect and this can happen as a result of you enjoying the sex so much

Why do this?

Doing less comfortable styles will reduce the dopamine level and your brain will also be in flight or fight mode thereby balancing you out to last longer during sex

You are enjoying the sexual pleasure but yet you are enduring the discomfort of the position which you have to make an effort to do

This gives you balance

Lose Weight

If you are on the fat side you will have less energy because fat is being deposited into your body and not converted into energy needed for physical activities

Secondly, fats clog your arteries and do not allow for free flow of blood circulation throughout the body especially to your pelvic area

Erection means blood flow to the penis and lasting longer during sex is about sustaining blood flow to the penis during sex but fat deposits in the body will hinder these processes

What to do?

1. Adjust your diet, eat whole foods and vegetables, less processed foods, bad fats, and refined carbs

2. Workout regularly, doesn’t have to be intense

3. Use good fat burners or thermogenic supplements like Brutal Force CCUT and PhenGold

Change Sex Positions

Some sex positions put less pressure on the glands (the most sensitive part of the penis)

Another of my favorite techniques to last longer in bed, i get bored easily so i find myself changing positions frequently during sex and this does the following for me:

1. It helps break up the momentum that leads to ejaculation due to the break intervals

2. It spices up the sex making it less monotonous

3. You will discover the best positions that help you last longer and the position that can help you ejaculate when you want to ejaculate fast

Sometimes when i do a particular style my partner tells me, you will cum pretty quick when you do that

Out of excitement and in a hurry i usually ignore her and viola i ejaculate immediately just like she says

Best Passive Sex Style Positions to try

  • Spooning
  • Cow girl
  • Side by side
  • The yab yum
  • The lazy dog
  • Woman on top
  • Sit on the throne
  • The standing ovation
  • Take a kneel

Which of these techniques are you familiar with or have you tried that worked?

Please share in the comments below


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